Maui Jim sunglasses were born in Hawaii and designed for the beautiful island environment. Because of this, Maui Jim has developed some truly magnificent frames for spending time battling glare and enjoying sunny days near the water. The Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel lives up to the prestige of Maui Jim. Read on for all the details on what makes this frame so great for watersports.

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Below, you can watch our Maui specialist tell us all about the Kaiwi Channel.

Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel Review

A quick look at the Kaiwi Channel hints at it's seaworthy persona and capable frame design. But let's take a deeper dive into what really makes this frame such a win for water sports.


Right off the bat you can see the Kaiwi Channel sports a solid wrap to keep you covered out on the water. The 8-base wrap offers a ton of extra peripheral coverage from the sun in addition to Maui's PolarizedPlus2 lens tech. Along with all the coverage, you get rubberized embedded temple tips and a rubberized saddle-style bridge to keep these frames securely in place. This is a necessary feature for those who enjoy fishing, kayaking, or any other related water activites. The nylon frames give you a lightweight but durable design that is certainly able to stand up to the elements.

The final touches on the Kaiwi Channel are the spring hinges. Typically we don't love spring hinges here at SportRx but when it comes to Maui Jim, their quality design wins us over. The Kaiwi gets an extra point for comfort with Maui's spring hinges. Now, on to that fantastic Maui lens tech!


Maui Jim lenses are simply, superb. They truly want to be known in the industry for offering high end optics and have taken the time to develop a product that manages to somehow exceed expectations. The Kaiwi Channel is fitted with Maui's SuperThin Glass lenses which offer their top end optical experience. On top of the lenses superb optical clarity, they offer Maui's best scratch and solvent protection, something that is essential for water sports sunglasses. The final thing to know about Maui Jim SuperThin Glass lenses is their surprisingly low weight. Most glass sunglasses will be heavy. However, Maui's lenses are 32% lighter and thinner than the average glass lens, another huge plus in an already excellent frame.

They of course come with Maui's proprietary PolarizedPlus2® lens tech, which eliminates glare, harmful blue light, and HEV light. Now, if you were concerned that you wouldn't be able to get the Kaiwi Channel in prescription, don't worry. You can customize your prescription build with MauiBrilliant, Polycarbonate, or MauiEvolution lenses in a wide variety of Maui Jim's lens colors.

SportRx Frame Width (SFW): 130mm, which means a small to medium fit for men and a medium fit for women.

Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel in Stripe Dark Brown with HCL Bronze lenses

Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel in Stripe Dark Brown with HCL Bronze lenses

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