Despite sounding like a high performance sunglass frame, the Maui Jim Cheetah 5 is all about laid back style. If you're the type that loves to kick your feet up and enjoy the sun, drive the coast with the top down, or just take a stroll down a beautiful beach, the Cheetah 5 is an excellent choice.

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If you wanted a visual review of the Maui Jim Cheetah 5, we've got a video for you right here!

Maui Jim Cheetah 5 Review

The Cheetah 5 simply looks good. But as with all Maui Jim shades, there's a whole bunch of less obvious reasons for why the Cheetah 5 is such a stunner. Let's take a quick look at what design features and Maui tech the Cheetah 5 is hiding under those stylish Cheetah spots.


The classic round profile of the Cheetah 5 makes for a style of sunglass that has remained cool for years and will continue to do so for many years to come. The frame is comprised of thick acetate and sports Maui's Kapa Core design on the inner temples for some subte style. The bridge is a simple keyhole, saddle-style design that rests gently on your face but offers no rubberized grips or adjustable nose pads for extra grip. The temples have a slight wrap to keep these comfortable leisure frames right where they belong while you're out enjoying the sunshine.

As for the hinges, Maui chose to go with simple traditional pin hinges. This is a plus as the simple design of pin hinges are easy to maintain and offer hassle-free repairs if you ever have to repair your frames. Now, let'jump over to the optics side of things and talk about Maui lens tech!


When it comes to Maui Jim lens tech, they will always give you your money's worth. Maui Jim is well known for their excellent optics and you can be sure that all Maui Jim lenses are top quality. A lot of this has to do with their fantastic PolarizedPlus2® lens tech, which is standard with all Maui lenses. But on to the lenses in this exotic frame! The Cheetah 5 comes with MauiBrilliant™ lenses, which happen to be Maui's most advanced lens material. The key things to know about MauiBrilliant lenses is that they are very lightweight and offer the highest grade optics available from the brand without going glass.

As we mentioned above, these lenses also feature Maui's proprietary polarized tech which comes standard with all Maui lenses. PolarizedPlus2® lenses give you the benefit of blocking out harmful blue and HEV light while eliminating glare. Maui Jim polarized sunglasses also manage to not have the depth perception issues commonly found in other polarized lenses lending them to being great for active lifestyle and sporty people as well. The Cheetah 5 is also offered in prescription with MauiBrilliant or Maui Evolution lenses.

SportRx Frame Width (SFW): 137mm, which means a large fit for men and women.

maui jim cheetah 5 in Transparent Dove Grey with Neutral Grey lenses

maui jim cheetah 5 in Transparent Dove Grey with Neutral Grey lenses

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