We've got the Maui Jim Maui Rose vs. Blue Hawaii lens going head to head here at SportRx. Tune in below to watch Sunglass Rob review the similarities and differences of each lens, or read on for every detail.

Maui Rose vs. Blue Hawaii Lens

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3. Maui Jim Maui Rose vs. Blue Hawaii Lens
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Watch here to see Sunglass Rob review everything you need to know about the Maui Jim Maui Rose vs. Blue Hawaii lens.

Maui Jim Blue Hawaii Lens

The Maui Jim Blue Hawaii lens is a beautiful loud, bright blue. The formula for this lens is a Neutral Grey base with a blue mirror on top. This combination gives your view of the world a bronze hue. So while everyone else sees that vibrant blue, you'll see a softer brown tone as you look through them. Blue Hawaii is a high contrast lens and is great on very sunny, bright days, especially open off-shore fishing.


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Maui Jim Rose Lens

From the outside, the Maui Rose lens is subtle with just a hint of a rosy hue. It has a bi-gradient silver mirror which means the top and bottom have a bit of reflective mirror coating to do the squinting for you. Functionally, the Maui Rose lens is a high contrast lens that defines color and contrast for a more vivid view. It's a versatile option that easily transitions from overcast to sunny conditions.

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Maui Jim Maui Rose vs. Blue Hawaii Lens

We hope you have a better idea of which lens color will be the winner for you. To recap, the Blue Hawaii lens has that bright blue coloring on the front and lets you see the world in bronzy brown tones, whereas the Rose lens has a more subtle look and allows you to see in soft, rosy hues.

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