Are you interested in Maui Jim lenses but unsure which one will suit you best? Read below and tune in to the video review for the Maui Jim HCL Bronze vs Maui Sunrise lenses.

Maui Jim HCL Bronze vs. Maui Sunrise

1. Maui Jim HCL Bronze
2. Maui Sunrise
3. Maui Jim HCL Bronze vs. Maui Sunrise
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Sunglass Rob is here to take you through the similarities and differences between the Maui Jim HCL Bronze and Maui Sunrise lenses.

Maui Jim HCL Bronze

First of all, HCL stands for High Contrast Lens and it has a brownish, bronze-based tint to it. The mirror is bi-gradient, meaning the top and bottom are mirrored, mimicking the squinting your eyes normally have to do. This is a very popular lens because it drenches everything in bronze, waking up the world with a bit more contrast.

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses

Maui Jim Red Sands in Black & Grey Tortoise with HCL Bronze lens

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Maui Sunrise

The Sunrise lens is based on the Maui Jim Rose lens. The base color is rose but you get a cool, sunrise shading to the world you view. With a bit of red, pink, and orange hues you get a high contrast lens. Aesthetically it’s a very cool lens, with a less neutral, conservative look in comparison to the HCL lens so that stand-out appearance might be great for you.

Maui JIm Nautilus

Maui Jim Nautilus in Sunrise lens

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Maui Jim HCL Bronze vs. Maui Sunrise

Both HCL Bronze and Maui Sunrise are polarized, high contrast lenses that protect against UV rays, boost color, and improve depth perception. The difference is that HCL is a bit more neutral and less loud, whereas the Sunrise gives you some warmth and pop with a cool reflective look.

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