San Francisco Giants player, Kelby Tomlinson, is turning heads out on the field with glasses. Recently, Kelby stopped by SportRx to talk with us about his personal picks for sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Nike Show X2

Kelby relies on the Nike Show X2 sunglasses in order to maximize his performance on the field. Ideal for almost any sport, the Nike Show X2 possesses a base tint. This means that the lenses are actually high quality transition lenses which will guarantee contrast no matter the weather conditions.

Additionally, while on the baseball field, the Nike Show X2 guarantees to make the white of the baseball stand out. Also, the wide field of view provides unobstructed vision while the rubber vented nose bridge reduces fogging, increases airflow, and ensures comfort.

What's more is that with performance in mind, Nike added an adjustable rubber secure wrap along the temples with in order to prevent slipping and to create a custom fit to your liking. Keep your vision vibrant and your performance high with the Nike Show X2!

Nike Show X2 Prescription Sunglasses,

Nike Show X2 in Matte Black

Oakley Crosslink Switch

The Oakley Crosslink Switch has been Kelby Tomlinson's go-to pair of glasses on and off the field for the past three years. A part of Oakley's Crosslink family, the frame allows you to switch out lenses easily.

While Kelby prefers having one pair for performance on the field and one pair for relaxing at home, the Crosslink Switch is convenient because transitioning from a clear lens to a dark lens has never been easier.

Like many other Oakley products, the Crosslink Switch is built with Oakley's signature Unobtanium material. This provides extra grip in the nose pad and along the temples to ensure stability and maximize performance. For Major League Baseball players such as Kelby Tomlinson, he knows he can rely on the Oakley Crosslink Switch while diving for ground balls at second base.

Oakley Crosslink Swith Prescription Glasses

Oakley Crosslink Switch in Pewter/Grey Smoke

Costa Marian Trench 200

Looking for a way to up your prescription glasses game? Well, so is Kelby Tomlinson. That's why his wife (who's also an optician!) recommended the Costa Mariana Trench 200.

Not only does the Mariana Trench 200 look great, but SportRx will help you meet all of your prescription needs when purchasing a pair!

Here at SportRx, we include blue defense anti deflective coating in all of the prescription lenses we provide. We do this because harmful blue light, which can be found from TV, phone, and computer screens, falls just outside the UV spectrum. Blue light can therefore cause long term eye damage. Shop the Costa Mariana Trench 200 at SportRx for both a style upgrade and for the maximum amount of eye protection possible.

Costa Mariana Trench 200

Costa Mariana Trench 200 in Tokyo Tortoise


Kaenon Clarke

The Kaenon Clarke is a lifestyle frame but with all of the qualities of high performance sports sunglasses. Kaenon's SR 91 lenses are some of the best in the industry. Not only are these lenses lightweight, but they provide unmatched clarity and incredibly durable. That's Kaenon SR- 91 lenses.

Not only are these glasses great for sitting back and relaxing at a baseball game, but they are great for light exercise and fantastic out on the water. Wear the sunglasses that the pros and wearing and get yourself a pair of the Kaenon Clarke!

Kaenon Clarke in Cola with Brown 12 Polarized lens


Nike Fleet

Looking for a great pair of sunglasses that you can take straight from practice to going out and about? The Nike Fleet gives its take on the ultimate sunglasses challenge: Combining athletic performance with style. The larger frame allows for style on the go while the floating bridge nose piece and the breathable bro w pad add a significant amount of ventilation.

At SportRx, we can meet all of your prescription needs. Our Win/Win prescription lens guarantees contrast no matter the conditions. Get your own pair of the Nike Fleet, a lethal combination of sports performance and style.

Nike Fleet Sunglasses

Nike Fleet in Anthracite

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