Oakley is known for being an expert in the sunglass world, but they also excel at eyeglasses! With top-of-the-line technology and design, Oakley is truly the best of the best. From sleek and sophisticated looks to fashionable, classic frame shapes, Oakley’s women eyewear options have plenty to choose from. To help you pick from the vast array of choices, we’ve compiled our picks for the top 5 best Oakley eyeglasses for women!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What To Look For in Oakley Eyeglasses
C. Top 5 Best Oakley Eyeglasses for Women
1. Oakley Leadline Rx
2. Oakley Centerboard
3. Oakley Steel Plate
4. Oakley Apparition Rx
5. Oakley Seller
D. Prescription Oakley Eyeglasses at SportRx

Video Review

What to Look For in Oakley Eyeglasses

Lens Technology

Oakley glasses feature a variety of lens coatings that aim to protect your glasses and provide you with clearer visibility. A durable, scratch-resistant hard lens coating is great for day-to-day wear, while oleophobic and hydrophobic coating repels water and oil, preventing fogging and increasing clarity. An anti-reflective lens coating will improve your vision by eliminating reflections bouncing off and minimizing glare.

Frame Technology

Oakley delivers with their O Matter™ frame material. Lightweight and durable O Matter™ provides a long-lasting, comfortable wear. Another way Oakley infuses comfortability into their eyeglasses is with Unobtainium® rubberized grips. Located at the temples and nosepad, Unobtainium® provides a comfortable fit and increases the grip as you sweat. As you perspire, it becomes tackier, keeping the frames from slipping and falling off.

Top 5 Best Oakley Eyeglasses for Women

Leadline Rx

With a lifestyle design and sport functionality, the Oakley Leadline Rx is the complete combination of casual and active. The frames are made of lightweight and durable O Matter™ frame material, and bent temples provide a secure and sturdy grip. Trubridge™ technology offers interchangeable sets of Unobtainium® nosepads which allows you to choose the best fit for the shape and size of your nose bridge.

Oakley Leadlin Rx Satin Brown Tortoise

Oakley Leadline Rx Satin Brown Tortoise

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Oakley Leadlin Rx Key Features

  • Interchangeable Unobtainium® nosepads allow you to choose the best fit
  • Saddle nose bridge comfortably distributes weight across top and sides of nose
  • Adjustable bent temples provide stable hold on face
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 127 (Women’s M), 130 (Women’s M)


The Oakley Centerboard is the perfect addition to your day-to-day life. The Ace Fit temple arms can be adjusted and tailored to you by heating and molding for a more customizable fit. The temples also feature added texture for additional retention and hold. An oleophobic lens coating makes the Centerboard versatile, as the coating repels water, oil, and dirt. The durable O Matter™ frames are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making these eyeglasses an easy choice.

Oakley Centerboard Satin Black

Oakley Centerboard Satin Black

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Oakley Centerboard Key Features

  • Oleophobic lens coating that repels water, oil, and dirt
  • Classic and popular wayfarer shape with full-rimmed frames
  • Adjustable temples for a better fit for your specific head and face shape
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 130 (Women’s M), 134 (Women’s L), 140 (Women’s XL)

Steel Plate

The Oakley Steel Plate glasses are a combination of style and function with thin steel frames. The eyeglasses are equipped with Oakley’s Three-Point-Fit system, so weight is evenly distributed between the temples and nose bridge, reducing pressure buildup and discomfort. Unobtainium® grips get tackier when you sweat, allowing them to remain securely on your face. The glasses feature an adjustable, air-filled silicone nosepad and straight temples, and are prescription ready!

Oakley Steel Plate Powder Coal

Oakley Steel Plate Powder Coal

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Oakley Steel Plate Key Features

  • Oakley’s Three-Point-Fit system provides even weight distribution
  • Unobtainium® rubberized grips with no-slip comfort
  • Durable and lightweight O Matter™ frame material for a comfortable wear
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 132 (Women’s M), 136 (Women’s L)

Apparition Rx

Oakley Apparition Rx eyeglasses are a classic square shape with modern Ahyris accents on the edges of the frame. The stainless steel material is lightweight and can comfortably go with you throughout your day. Unobtainium® temples provide a secure grip and prevent the glasses from slipping off. The 4-base curve of the frame is ideal for everyday eyewear, as it can fulfill higher prescription needs.

Oakley Apparition Rx Satin Grey Smoke/Black

Oakley Apparition Rx Satin Grey Smoke/Black

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Oakley Apparition Rx Key Features

  • Lightweight, stainless steel frame that is comfortable to wear
  • Hard coating that protects against lens scratching
  • Straight temples that gently hug the head for security
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 136 (Women’s L), 140 (Women’s XL)


Take your style to the next level with the Oakley Seller eyeglasses. The front of the glasses are constructed with a C-5 metal alloy frame, while the temples are made of stainless steel. Comfortability is the name of the game, with soft earsocks and a nosepad you can adjust to your liking. The lenses feature an anti-reflective coating that minimizes glare and bounces reflection off, giving you optimal clarity throughout your entire day.

Oakley Seller Powder Pewter

Oakley Seller Powder Pewter

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Oakley Seller Key Features

  • Hydrophobic coating prevents lens fogging
  • Adjustable nosepad to customize fit for your face shape
  • Anti-reflective coating on lenses minimizes glare
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 137 (Women’s L), 140 (Women’s XL)

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