We had the opportunity to have a private, personal discussion with Kaenon’s Rx manager, Mark Vallejo. His passion for the brand is immediately apparent. Does he bleed Kaenon-orange? Well, we didn’t ask, but probably. What we did ask was: “If there was only one thing you would want us to know about Kaenon, what would it be?” His response: “SR-91.” This is not surprising for a world-class sunglass company. What makes Kaenon sunglasses truly great are their lenses.

What are Kaenon SR-91 Lenses?

Prescription Kaenon SR 91 Lenses

SR-91 is their proprietary lens material. While a lot of companies do a great job with making a flagship lens out of lens materials that are readily available, Kaenon decided to start completely from scratch. They had such big plans, they could not trust anyone else to have a hand in their identity. What makes SR-91 so special? It combines the benefits of glass without any of the downsides. This means glass-comparable scratch resistance and clarity, yet still lightweight and impact resistant. You cannot reasonably ask for more; we promise because we know.

A Common Theme in Every Pair of Kaenon Sunglasses

All of their lenses utilize their SR-91 material. They are also all digitally surfaced, which means the best possible optics on top of the best possible optics. This, of course, includes all of their prescription lenses. That’s our favorite part. Not only are the optics crazy sharp, but it also helps to increase depth perception. He casually dropped a statistic of 30% of the LA Dodgers being Kaenon converts. He is able to brag about reports of players’ increased batting averages. We were impressed. How could we not be impressed?

Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses at Their Best

It was important for him that we knew that their innovation does not stop at the material. They created a polarizing filter called Glare86. You will only see this in SR-91 because it was engineered specifically for their lenses. While everyone else is using the same kind of polarizing filter, Kaenon makes their own. They are only interested in perfect. This is important because, since they created the lens material and the polarizing filter, they were able to make the bond between the two stronger than otherwise possible. That means no more cracking or peeling. That means no lens splitting at rimless drill mount holes. No more de-laminating!

Kaenon is an exceedingly impressive sunglass company and we are honored to have them as one of our top picks for meeting your most important eyewear needs. Contact us and stay tuned for more insight into the brand and what they have to offer. We can hardly wait to tell you more!