If you have bought a pair of Costa Sunglasses from someone other than Costa, you may wonder "are your Costa sunglasses real". When purchasing a pair of Costas you want to make sure you enjoy their premiere 580 technology. Therefore, you want to make sure to follow along to find out how you can be confident about the legitimacy of your pair of Costa Sunglasses.

How to verify the authenticity of your Costa Sunglasses

The main way to verify if your Costa Sunglasses are real is by looking for etching on the top right corner. Depending on the lens you bought, different etchings will appear.

580P Polycarbonate Costa Sunglasses

Costa polycarbonate lenses with 580 technology will have a 580P etched on the top left of the lens to demonstrate it's authenticity.


Costa 580 polycarbonate technology


580G Glass Costa Sunglasses

Costa glass lenses with 580 technology will have a 580 etched on the top left of the lens to prove that they are real.


Costa 580 glass technology


Prescription Costa Sunglasses

If your Costa pair has a prescription on them, a Costa logo will show before the 580 or a C followed by the 580 on different models.


How to tell if you have authentic Costa Sunglasses

Costa Logo for Authenticity

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All Costa Lenses are Polarized

On top of that, all Costa Sunglasses are polarized. Costa has established themselves as a premium polarized company with their 580 lens technology. Each Costa sunglass will have a polarized coating embedded in the lenses. Costa's 580 goes beyond polarization. Costa's lenses will filter out the harsh yellow light and filter out the bad HEV blue light. Essentially if you have authentic Costa sunglasses with the 580 etched in the top right lens, your eyes will always be protected. Also, Costa offers 7 different signature lens tints. Check out the diagram below to see how Costa 580 lenses differentiate themselves from other sunglass brands.

Blue Light Filter Sunglasses

Costa 580 Polarized Lens Diagram

Costa Sunglasses Buyers Guide

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