Are you living in the past with the outdated "over-the-glasses" (OTG) method? They fog up, slip under your goggles, and pose a safety risk during a wipeout. At SportRx, we have a better solution for your snow goggle prescription needs. Join us as we share how a Giro Contact prescription insert will change your view of the slopes, and why you should ditch the OTG method. We'll also show you how easy it is to install and remove the Giro Contact prescription insert into your goggles!

Table of Contents

1. Watch the Video
2. What is a Prescription Goggle Insert?
3. What Are the Benefits of the Giro Contact Prescription Insert?
4. How Do I Install & Remove the Prescription Insert into the Giro Contact?
5. Prescription Giro Snow Goggles Online at SportRx

Watch the Video

Follow along with Eyeglass Tyler as he demonstrates how to install and remove a Giro Contact prescription insert. For more information, continue reading!

What is a Prescription Snow Goggle Insert?

Prescription inserts are the ultimate Rx solution for seeing clearly on the mountain. They give you pristine vision in a secure fit, so you ride with confidence. Prescription inserts are also designed for almost every snow goggle on the market (including the Giro Contact) and are available in a variety of sizes.

Giro Contact prescription snow goggle insert

Giro Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

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What Are the Benefits of the Giro Contact Prescription Insert?

Below are a few of the main reasons to say sayonara to the OTG method and hello to the Giro Contact prescription insert:

  • Decreased fogging and increased ventilation — since the insert sits closer to the lens and further from your face.
  • A sturdy lens construction from durable materials that can handle the occasional fall without compromising your vision.
  • Super fast and simple lens installation & removal for more time on the slopes.
  • A secure fit that won't budge, no matter how much you move.
  • Best of all, our Sports Opticians can customize the prescription insert for a wide range of prescriptions.
Giro Contact snow goggles in black with red shield lens.

Giro Contact in Black Wordmark with Vivid Ember + Vivid Infrared

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How Do I Install & Remove the Prescription Insert into the Giro Contact?

Installing a prescription insert into the Giro Contact snow goggle is simple. In just a few quick steps, you'll be seeing clearly and fog-free.

Insert Installation

Step 1. Insert the bottom prongs of the insert over the lower foam area and over the nose bridge of the Giro Contact goggle.

Step 2. Roll open the upper foam of the goggle and guide the top antennas into place.

Step 3. Observe the prescription insert and make sure it’s not crooked and gently push it down to ensure it’s firmly in place.

Insert Removal

Step 1. Place a finger within the notch of the insert that is located at the nose bridge.

Step 2. Roll open the upper foam of the goggle and gently pull the insert towards you. An antenna should automatically pop out.

Step 3. Continue gently pulling the insert out of the goggle while maneuvering the rest of the prongs out.

For a visual presentation on installing and removing a prescription insert, check out this video guide.

Giro Contact prescription insert shown inside the goggles with shield lens removed.

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