Since 1985, Giro has been leading the way in performance eyewear and their snow technology is a favorite out on the slopes. From snow goggles designed to give the best view of the mountain, to lens interchange systems that are easily swapped on-the-go, Giro snow goggle tech continues to be a leader in the industry. Now, Giro Expansion View Technology is changing the game. Join SportRx as we reveal everything you need to know about Giro EXV+.

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Giro Expansion View Technology (EXV+)

Giro Expansion View technology, otherwise known as EXV+, is a proprietary lens curvature that allows for one of the widest fields of view available on the market. Coming in at 6 x 1.5 degree semi-spherical design, this contoured shape creates a generous field of vision with unobstructed peripherals. Unlike standard snow goggles that take the "bigger is better" approach, Giro understands that this very concept is what limits vision out on the slopes. On the contrary, oversized goggles are the biggest culprit of limiting peripheral vision due to the bulky design.

Giro EXV+ is masterfully built into the sleek design of their snow goggle silhouettes. It keeps you in a goggle that doesn't add extra weight while providing a clearer view of the path ahead. To see the difference, view how Giro EXV+ stacks up against the competition below.

Graphic that shows Giro Expansion View Technology field of view versus standard snow goggles.

View with Giro EXV+ vs. Standard Snow Goggles

Simply put, you get a better view with Giro EXV+. And when vision is crucial for spotting your next landing or take-off, it doesn't get better than that.

Giro Snow Goggles with EXV+

Since Giro doesn't settle for anything less than the best, all Giro snow goggles at SportRx are available with their impressive Expansion View Technology. That means that no matter which goggle you choose, you'll get the clearest view of the mountain with distraction-free peripherals. Need help choosing? Visit our lineup of the best Giro ski & snow goggles of the season!

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