Whether you're gearing up for your next snowboarding trip, or live in the mountains and ski on the daily, Giro snow goggles are ready for any action. Take on the 2024 season with the best Giro designs of the year, expertly curated by our Sports Opticians. From a team who loves hitting the slopes and takes their sports seriously (in the best way), we've handpicked the top 3 best Giro goggles designed to perform.

Table of Contents

A. Best Giro Goggles of 2024
1. Article
2. Contact
3. Contour RS
B. Features of the Best Giro Goggles
C. Prescription Goggle Inserts Online at SportRx

Best Giro Goggles of 2024


You'll be shredding in style with the Giro Article's toric lens design. This snow goggle has all the frame tech we love from Giro, like the Expansion View Technology, EVAK venting system, and ultra-comfortable face foam. As for its unique lens interchange system, the Article uses a Slash Seal system to let you swap between VIVID lenses. Multiple nobs snap the lens in place, making this one of the most secure lens systems in our lineup. It may take you a minute on your first try, but once you get the hang of it, you're good to go.

Giro Article ski & snow goggle in black with red ember shield lens.

Giro Article in Black Wordmark with VIVID Ember Lens

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Giro Article Key Features

  • Slash Seal lens interchange system provides quick & easy lens swapping
  • Toric lens shape with EXV equates to an impressively wide field of vision
  • VIVID lens technology boosts contrast
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx


If you often ride in a variety of conditions, the Giro Contact was designed to keep up with any adventure and changing lighting. The Snapshot Magnetic lens interchange system uses a locking mechanism with a shutter button-release. It also features self-locating magnets to guide and securely hold the lens in place. Talk about easy!

Giro Contact goggle in lineup of the best Giro ski & snow goggles. Grey goggle and strap with grey VIVID onyx shield lens.

Giro Contact in Grey Wordmark with VIVID Onyx Lens

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Giro Contact Key Features

  • Snapshot Magnetic lens interchange system lets you swap lenses easily on-the-go
  • Rimless design with EXV for distraction-free & wide field of vision
  • VIVID lens technology boosts contrast
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Contour RS

If you're familiar with the ever-popular Contour snow goggle, but find it too large for your small features, you're in luck with this new reduced size (RS) design. The Contour RS features the same performance tech we know and love in the original, but in a more compact size.

Featuring the same impressive frame tech we outlined above, the Contour RS uses a unique lens interchange system: the Quick-Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens. You can easily swap the lens to get the contrast you need to best Giro goggle complement your environment and riding conditions.

Giro Contour RS ski & snow goggle in black with royal blue shield lens.

Giro Contour RS in Black Wordmark with Vivid Royal Lens


Giro Contour RS Key Features

  • Reduced size (RS) of the original Giro Contour
  • Quick-Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens system allows you to easily swap lenses
  • Toric lens shape with EXV equates to an impressively wide field of vision
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Features of the Best Giro Goggles

Here's a quick recap of Giro goggle technology.

Frame Technology

While the design of Giro ski and snow goggles may vary, there are a few common features that are found in them all. Here is a list of frame features that you'll find in every one of the best Giro goggles on our list:

  • Expansion View Technology (EXV) offers an impressively wide field of vision.
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam blocks out cold air while the microfleece facing provides plush comfort.
  • EVAK Vent Technology creates a barrier from the elements while releasing moisture to prevent fogging.
  • Anti-Fog Coating is applied to all Giro lenses to keep your vision distraction-free.


Lens Technology

Giro partnered with ZEISS® to create their patented VIVID lens technology. Promising a better visual experience of the snow, VIVID lenses boost contrast while enhancing definition. Details pop so you can more easily visualize your lines and ride with confidence.

To always provide the best optics, Giro applies interchangeable lens technology to their goggles. In fact, they were the first to do so, which revolutionized the goggle game. Today, we see this lens interchange system in various forms, but all with one shared goal: quick and easy lens swapping to enhance any of your riding conditions.

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