The interchangeable arms on the Oakley Crosslink Pitch allow you to customize the look of your glasses. Each pair of Oakley Crosslinks come with two sets of arms: a fun color, and a neutral color. Today we watch Rob take a look at how to change the arms on the Oakley Crosslink Pitch. These glasses are an awesome, adaptable frame that Oakley created to be versatile and easily switched out in a few simple steps.

On the inside of each temple, there is a hinge-like button that can be pressed to unlock the arms from the front frame of the glasses. After pressing the button, the arm can be gently popped out of the frame. Looking at your replacement arms, you will notice that there is a socket on the inside of the temple that will line up with the bar inside the frame. You will be able to pop the replacement arm back into place, the similar to the way you removed the original arm. The hinge-button you pressed can now be pressed back into its original position, locking the new replacement arm into place. And just like that, you have your replacement arms added to your Oakley Crosslink Pitch!

How to Change Arms on Oakley Crosslink Pitch

Oakley Crosslink Pitch