Whether you're a runner embracing sunglasses for the first time, or looking for your third pair, you may be asking yourself, "How should running sunglasses fit?"

As a team of fellow runners and Sports Opticians, we've got you covered with everything you need to know when determining a good fit for your running sunglasses. We'll take a look at each frame component and share how that piece should feel when worn. Finding inspiration from Goldilocks: let's decide what's too big, too small, and just right!

What to Look for in Frame Fit

1. Temples
2. Lenses
3. Bridge
4. Sizing
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Eyeglass Tyler shares his wisdom on how running sunglasses should fit. Keep reading below or watch our video to learn more.


Temples are one of the most important components that determine a good-fitting vs. ill-fitting frame, even more so for running. Too tight and they'll create uncomfortable pressure points that lead to headaches. Too loose and your frame will be slipping with each stride. Look for a frame that feels comfortable and secure from the moment you put it on. Easy enough, right? Trickier said than done, here are two tips for the next time you're trying on running sunglasses:

Tip #1: If you notice any squeezing, this is your cue for a too-small fit. Sure, you may think it's ok while checking yourself out in the mirror of the boutique, but give it more than 10 minutes and you'll realize that it isn't going to last in the long run.

Tip #2: Look down. Do they slip? If you're trying frames on and it immediately slides down your nose, imagine a sweaty run and glancing down at your wrist as you check your time. Frames that slip when you tilt your head downwards are a sign of being too large or not having enough grip. We recommend rubber nose pads to ensure extra grip and comfort. Even better? Hydrophilic rubber that gets tackier when wet (summer runs, we're looking at you.)


You're wearing sunglasses to see better during your run, but do you know what to look for in lens shape and fit?

While oversized lenses look great for casual wear or making a fashion-statement, leave this look out when selecting running sunglasses. Too-large lenses risk fogging since they have a higher chance of touching your cheeks. If they do, and you get any frame bounce, you'll also have uncomfortable friction.

Be careful not to get too small lenses, either. Your lenses should provide generous coverage to protect from harsh UV rays and nature's elements. Trendy small circle lenses won't do on your run. To get extra sun protection and unobstructed peripherals, look for an 8-base wrap-around style. These lenses provide optimal coverage from all sides.

Fit Tip #1: Make sure the wrap-around lenses are well-contoured to your unique facial features. Today, performance brands are well-aware of the benefits of a proper-fitting lens when enjoying our most-loved sports. When shopping for running sunglasses, keep an eye out for the various lens shapes and think of how that corresponds to your personal facial features. For example, the Oakley Flak XS has a flat bottom lens, while the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL has an extended lens that contours your cheeks.

oakley flak xs sunglasses in black with prizm field rose lenses

Oakley Flak XS in Polished Black with PRIZM Field Lenses

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Compare the Flak XS'flat bottom lens to the Half Jacket 2.0 XL's contoured bottom lens below.

oakley half jacket 2.0 xl sunglasses in black with prizm road rose and purple lenses

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL in Polished Black with PRIZM Road Lenses

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If you want help picking a lens color, check out our blog on the Best Lenses for Running and Oakley PRIZM Lens Guide.


Finally, we must look at the frame's bridge to guarantee a good fit. The frame should rest comfortably on your face and not sit too high or too low. If you wear prescription running sunglasses, where the frame sits is even more important. If your lens's optical center is not lining up with your eyes, you will receive an unoptimal visual experience and possible distortion.

In addition to sitting in the right position, the grip is crucial for it staying in that perfect position. To make sure your frame doesn't slip no matter how much you bounce, here are a few things to look for:

Tip #1: Get rubber nose pads. We briefly mentioned this above, but rubber nose pads can make a world of a difference during your run. Without them, you risk a slipping frame and constant readjustments. The rubber provides extra grip and comfort. You can also find several brands that use hydrophilic rubber, which gets tackier the more you sweat.

Tip #2: Consider adjustable nose pads. If you struggle to find a perfect fit, adjustable nose pads solve this. They allow you to customize your frame's placement and the overall fit. We love the fully adjustable nosepiece of the Rudy Project Rydon, which can be manipulated in any direction.

rudy project rydon running sunglasses in grey and black with semi-rimless lenses

Rudy Project Rydon in Carbon with Smoke Black Lenses

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Now that you know how running sunglasses should fit, it's time to take that knowledge and pick your sunglasses size. Many brands offer multiple sizes in their frames. When shopping for running sunglasses, pay special attention to the sizing options. While most of the time there will be multiple sizes listed on a frame page, that's not always the case. For example, the Rudy Project Rydon we mentioned above is available in one size, but it's also available in a smaller version, the Rudy Project Rydon Slim.

Another great example of this is the Nike Maverick. You may find a smaller version available as the Nike Maverick Small.

nike maverick running sunglasses in navy with blue mirror lenses

Nike Maverick in Matte Midnight Navy with Frozen Blue Mirror Lenses

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To get help finding your running sunglasses size, take a look at SportRx Frame Width! Sunglass Rob shows you how to measure your SFW and gives tips for picking your perfect size.

We also have you covered with size guides! Here are two to get you started.

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