Have you found your perfect pair of sunglasses for running? But you're not sure what lenses to get? Eyeglass Tyler is here to help you decide which is best to take on those miles.


Table of Contents

1. Best Lens Tints
2. Lenses to Avoid
3. Polarization
4. Top Running Sunglass Lens Choices
1. Oakley PRIZM Road
5. Prescription


Best Lens Tints

Contrast is the name of the game! Contrast lenses boost depth and color perception because it helps to read the terrain, whether you're running on the road or in the trails. Tyler's favorite choice for contrast lenses are the Rose Copper, they're great across the board for all-sports because they controlling colors. On the contrary, a brown, bronze or copper lens would be a good choice if you prefer to block a little more light transmission.

Lenses to Avoid

When it comes to grays, those are the tints to shy away from. They work opposite to the few colors listed prior; they tend to dull the scene and make visuals a bit flatter. So Tyler recommends not getting grays if you want your run to be filled with color.


Tyler doesn't generally recommend polarized lenses for running. Though its not a bad choice, if you prefer them, but because there's not a lot of glare on a trail run you won't benefit from this lens feature. Another downside to polarized lenses is that they mess with your depth perception which isn't great for trail runs when you rely on weaving in and out of rocks and debris.

For road runners it can help to reduce the glare that bounces off of asphalt, windows or water, it simply just depends on where you're running.

Top Running Sunglass Lens Choices

Oakley PRIZM Road

This brand-specific frame is an absolute favorite amongst SportRxers and runners. It's phenomenal at boosting colors as well as controlling them. These lenses fine-tune colors that it allows through and enhances colors to boost your run. A great option for running sunglasses.


We can't not talk to our prescription wearing friends, that's the name of our game! Though it may limit your brand-specific lens options there are still plenty of options. Luckily, Tyer's favorite, Oakley PRIZM Road, IS available in prescription, so don't worry about that.

We have a ton of seasoned opticians who are waiting for your call to help you pick the perfect pair of prescription running sunglasses. So give us a ring!

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