Prescription glasses can be expensive, there's no denying that. Wondering how much you should budget for your next pair? We break down the costs. Read on to learn more!

Eye Exam Cost: $50-$200

If you haven't been to the eye doctor in the last two years, an eye exam should be your first step. Legally we can't make glasses from an expired prescription, so be sure to call your optometrist before you order. Pressed for time? Some stores like Costco and Walmart offer cheaper eye exams, and they even take most vision insurance plans.

The actual cost of an eye exam varies depending on whether you want a simple refractive exam at a place like Costco or a full comprehensive exam at a private center. Expect it to be anywhere between $50 to $200. But if you have vision insurance, you might not have to pay for the exam. Be sure to ask if where you're going to accept your plan.

Frames Cost: $150-$180

We have a large variety of frames on our site, with a large variety of prices as well. However, the average price is about $150 to $180 for eyeglasses. You'll want your everyday glasses to be comfortable to wear, look good on your face, and last you two years or more, so finding a frame you like is important. Even if it's a little on the pricier side.

Prescription Lenses Cost: $125-215

From us, digital single vision lenses are $125 and digital progressives are $215 (note that Oakley prescription lenses are priced at $184 for single vision and $333 for progressives). We also have non-digital options for single vision and bifocals ($75 and $120 respectively), but we vastly prefer digital lenses. Digital lenses are made using a newer process that results in higher-quality glasses, so they're worth the extra money. Read more about the benefits of digital lenses in What do Digital Lenses do Better?

As for prescription sunglasses, the cost varies depending on the brand's pricing as well as the type of prescription lens you need. For SportRx custom lenses, the cost is the same as for eyeglasses.

Total Cost: $325-$595*

*Actual cost may vary

Regardless of which glasses or sunglasses you get, expect to budget several hundred dollars for an eye exam, frames, and prescription lenses. The good news—shipping is free! (Except on rush or international orders.) You can also use your FSA/HSA money to pay for your order. Learn more about how to do that by reading Can I Use My FSA/HSA to Buy Prescription Glasses?

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