While buying glasses from us, you may notice the option to choose between regular single vision and digital single vision lenses. We explain what digital lenses are and whether you should get them.

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1. What is Single Vision?
2. What is Single Vision Digital?
3. Are Digital Lenses Worth it?
4. Prescription Glasses at SportRx

In the video below, Eyeglass Tyler breaks down some of the basics of single vision lenses vs. digital single lenses and whether digital lenses are worth it.

What is Single Vision?

Single vision is pretty straightforward—it's a corrective prescription lens that corrects for either reading or distance vision. There is only one prescription in the lens, unlike progressives or bifocals.

What is Single Vision Digital?

Digital lenses are a newer technology that offer the best optics possible. Available in both eyeglasses and sunglasses, digital lenses provide better clarity and minimize edge-to-edge distortion to give you a wider field of view, as seen in the image below.

Digital Lenses example

Differences between Standard Prescription Lenses and SportRx Digital Lenses

Going with digital can make a huge difference. As your prescription gets stronger, there's more distortion in the lens. Digital lenses are also great for astigmatism or cylinder correction for the same reason.

Conventional lens-making assumes that the lens is flat and that the wearer looks through it straight on. If you pick a wrapped frame or one with curved lenses, there's even more distortion—what we refer to as the fishbowl effect. This distortion can make a really cool frame impossible to wear. But by getting digital lenses, you're optimizing your vision for whatever you're using your glasses for.

Additionally, a digital lens is a better option for prescription inserts because of something called the vertex distance. This is the distance between your eye and the lens. When you get a prescription from your doctor, it's meant for a regular pair of eyeglasses. But because inserts sit farther from your eyes than eyeglasses, there will be more distortion. A digital lens accommodates the different vertex distance from wearing a prescription insert and gives you the same clarity no matter what.

There's no particular downside to digital lenses. Because of the better optics, you're getting clearer vision regardless of your prescription, though there's even more of a benefit for those with stronger prescriptions.

Are Digital Lenses Worth it?

One question we get a lot is if digital lenses are worth it. They're more expensive than standard lenses, but we think the price upgrade speaks for itself when you consider the better lens quality. Again, digital lenses are more beneficial the higher your prescription, but the optics are clearer across the board.

Whether you personally need them is up to you. If you're not quite sure, feel free to give us a call! Our opticians are happy to work with your individual needs to make sure you get the best pair of glasses you've ever owned.

Prescription Glasses at SportRx

We hope this breakdown of digital lens technology was helpful. Still got questions? Contact Us to chat with an expert. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can address your specific concerns and help you build your prescription glasses or sunglasses.

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