The ins and outs of prescription glasses get complex fast. Stay with us as we explain what does and doesn't change with the shape of the glasses you pick out.

Does the Prescription Change Based on the Glasses?

No, it doesn't. Your prescription is the amount of correction needed for light to correctly pass through your eye and land on your retina, so it's dependent on your body. Prescriptions do change over time, but that's a natural part of the aging process.

The only instance where you'd need two different prescriptions at the same time is if you wear contact lenses. Since contact lenses are closer to your eyes than glasses, the numbers on the prescriptions are often different.

What does change?

The thing that will change based on the frames you pick is the OC, or ocular center. We've got a blog on that, but essentially the OC is the "sweet spot" which gives you the clearest vision and least amount of distortion. You'll want to pick a frame that fits your face well so that your OC is as close to the center of the lens as possible. This will reduce the thickness at the edge of the lens and subsequently reduce any distortion.

Getting accurate OC and PD measurements is essential for the best possible eyewear. Otherwise, your glasses will give you blurry vision or headaches, so be sure to take the time to measure them properly.

Digital Lenses

Conventional lens-making assumes the wearer is looking through the lens straight on, so there's some edge distortion. With digital lens technology, the machine is optimized to provide distortion-free vision at all angles. We recommend digital lenses for all frames (and especially sports frames) for this reason. When comparing a regular lens to a digital lens, even if the numbers are the same, the lens thickness will be slightly different.

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