Think you have bad eyesight? We're breaking down what minus one (-1) eyesight means, and whether you could consider it "bad." Regardless of if your prescription is -1 or not, join us to learn more!

What is Considered "BAD" Eyesight?

1. What is Bad Eyesight?
2. How Bad is My Eyesight?
3. What does Minus Mean?
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Eyeglass Tyler discusses what is considered "bad" eyesight and what minus means on a prescription.

What is Bad Eyesight?

To kick things off, Tyler would like to discourage using the word "bad" to refer to eyesight. We're using the term because this is how it's referred to in searches, but using "bad" in talking about your eyes gives a negative outlook on what is in fact very common. Many, many adults as well as kids need a prescription for some kind of vision correction, so you're definitely not alone.

What we would consider a stronger prescription is anything where the numbers are -3 and up, or +2 and up. These numbers only really affect frame options, since not every frame can fit every prescription. That said, we're really good at what we do, so we're willing to make your dream glasses work for you.

For a more in-depth look on what those numbers on your prescription mean, check out Understanding Your Prescription.

How Bad is My Eyesight?

Again, we'd like to discourage using the word "bad" to refer to your eyesight. But for those who think of their eyesight as being "bad," all it really means is that you're more reliant on your glasses. People like Eyeglass Tyler can't go about their day-to-day lives without glasses—they're the first thing you reach for in the morning.

Certain eye conditions or prescription strengths can make it very difficult to correct your vision to 20/20, which is the goal of a glasses prescription. In this case, since your eyesight is affecting your life negatively, it's more understandable to think of it as "bad."

In reference to the -1 example, -1 is not considered a particularly strong prescription. If your eyesight is -1, you're probably still able to perform certain daily tasks without your glasses.

What does Minus Mean?

In the sphere, or SPH column, a minus (-) means you have myopia (nearsightedness). This is the most common type of vision correction.

There is a small caveat to this number. If an ophthalmologist wrote your prescription, they probably wrote your cylinder (CYL) correction as a + number. If this + number is bigger than the - in the SPH column, that means you're hyperopic (farsighted). However, this isn't a particularly common occurrence.

For more detail on myopia, hyperopia, and the ins and outs of prescriptions, we again invite you to check out Understanding Your Prescription.

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