Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Kids of all ages aspire to play college football and go to the NFL to be the next football star. So what can you do, as a parent, to give your child the best opportunity to succeed? Keep reading to learn more about our top tips to get better at football and stand out among the pack.

Youth Football

Learn to Catch, Throw, Tackle & Block Properly

Catching, throwing, tackling, and blocking are the four pillars of football. Each has a proper technique, which should be developed as soon as possible so your child can improve with practice and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Learn the Rules

Football is a sport that has dozens of rules and regulations. Be sure your child understands flags, penalties, and the points system.

Listen to Coaches

It is very important that your child gets feedback on how they are doing. Find out where they do well and where they can improve. Make sure they practice their weaknesses and continue to develop their strengths.

Get in Shape

For children, endurance is the most important. The ultimate goal is for your child to be able to go the whole game at 100%. Speed and agility drills are great exercises to get your child in football shape. As your child gets into high school, strength training can be introduced into their exercise regimen to improve football performance. Be sure to get a qualified weight coach so that your child learns the correct lifting techniques to avoid injury.

Be Versatile

As a kid, it is extremely important to learn all of the positions in football. What position they play when they're young doesn't necessarily mean that is what they will always play. Be sure your child understands the roles of each position. For example, a quarterback rarely needs to make a tackle so their focus is on throwing and footwork. On the other hand, linemen focus on footwork and blocking. As your child gets older, the coach will decide their position so they can develop position specific skills.

Watch NCAA & NFL Games

Watching the best players on TV can help your child improve their knowledge and understanding of the game. There is so much to learn from both NCAA & NFL players and watching them play can help teach them different techniques and movements.