How-To: Buying Mountain Bike Sunglasses

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend rider, you want the best equipment possible, so you can perform at your best. That means the sunglasses you need must be on point. Ask any avid mountain biker and they will tell you that having the right pair of sunglasses makes all the difference when out on the trails. SportRx teams up with Hall of Fame Mountain Biker, Richie Schley, to talk about what makes the best sunglasses for mountain bikers. Follow along to find out more.

Important Features for Mountain Bike Sunglasses

Contrast: First and foremost, find sunglasses that have high contrast lens color. The reason being is when you are going in and out of spots shadows can appear and high contrast lenses will allow for you to see clearer in those situations. It would almost be better you go too light with your mountain bike sunglasses versus going too dark. Oakley makes PRIZM Trail lenses which are designed specifically for a trail or mountain bike environment. These lenses are made to boost the contrast in the colors that your eye is most sensitive to while also filtering out the noisy, distracting colors. PRIZM Trail helps you to react quicker to your surroundings, making for a safer ride. Smith has ChromaPop lenses which are the top of the line lenses for mountain bike sunglasses. Photochromatic lenses, better known as transition lenses, are great for mountain biking because the lenses darken as more light comes in contact with the lens, and lighten as sunlight lessens.

Fit and Coverage: As far as mountain bike sunglasses frame go, prioritize comfort as much as possible from the start. If they are not comfortable from the get-go, then it's never getting better. Wind, dust, and other random debris can get kicked up as you're on the go. Protect you eyes with either full wraparound sunglasses or other styles that offer maximum coverage for your ride. This way you will block all obstacles that get in the way of your performance when riding. Lastly, working up a sweat is inevitable. Sunglasses with rubberized nose pieces and temples keep your frames on your face.

Features to Stay Away From

There are some features that can hinder your performance. Dark lenses, for one. Reason being is shadows out on the trails can hide hazards while running dark lenses, leading to a crash. Ditch glass lenses too. It can shatter and permanently damage your eyes.

Examine the frame material, and stay away from metal frames. They can bend and cause possible harm if the metal fragments under the stress. On top of that, consider opting for nonpolarized lenses. Typically for mountain biking, you don't need the feature since glare isn't a common occurrence. Save a buck if you're shopping for a dedicated pair of mountain biking sunglasses.

Prescription Mountain Biking Sunglasses Available Prescription

Here at SportRx, our goal is to equip you with the best eyewear possible so that you are able to see better while doing what you love. For those of you that need your mountain bike sunglasses in prescription, we've got you covered. We have opticians on hand 7 days a week, that are eager to assist you. To explore our selection of mountain bike sunglasses, visit SportRx today!