Festival Fashion: Sunglasses for Coachella, EDC, Warped Tour...and whatever music festival you're hitting up this year

Festival Fashion Sunglasses, Kellen Lutz, Kendall Jenner, Jared Leto Festival Fashion: Kellen Lutz (Spy Helm), Kendall Jenner (Ray-Ban Aviators), Jared Leto (Ray-Ban Aviators)

Whether you're in the dessert at Coachella or beach-side at Warped Tour, fabulous frames are a must for those long days of rockin' out in the sun. We've scoped out the hottest music scenes and found out what the festival-goers are wearing. Sunglasses for the guys, sunglasses for the gals, and sunglasses for the guys AND gals. Check it out...

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Ray Ban Clubmaster, Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses, Festival Fashion Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Spy Quinn

Spy Quinn Sunglasses, Prescription Sunglasses, Festival Fashion Spy Quinn

Maui Jim Baby Beach

Maui Jim Beach Baby, Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses, Festival Fashion Maui Jim Beach Baby

Zeal Dakota

Zeal Dakota Sunglasses, Festival Fashion Zeal Dakota

Ray-Ban Aviators RB3025

Ray Ban Aviators, RB 3025, Prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses Ray-Ban Aviators RB3025

Zeal Sawyer

Zeal Sawyer, Zeal Optics Sunglasses, Prescription Sunglasses Zeal Sawyer

Spy Discord

Spy Discord, Spy Sunglasses, Prescription Sunglasses Spy Discord

Dragon Experience 2

Dragon Experience 2, Dragon Sunglasses, Prescription Sunglasses Dragon Experience 2