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Why Bono Wears Sunglasses, and You Should Too

Why Bono Wears Sunglasses, and You Should Too A global icon, philanthropist, rockstar, and a glasses wearer. Bono the lead singer for the all time great band "U2" has been wearing sunglasses everyday for 25 years. He was diagnosed with Glaucoma and is seriously impacted by flashes, glares, and other...

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Joe Kelly Dominating the Mound in Oakley Rx Baseball Glasses

Boston Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly Goes 6-0 in August Joe Kelly in his Oakley Flak 2.0 XL's Joe Kelly is just absolutely killing it out on the mound right now. He's fooling hitters, leaving them off-balance, beating Jacob deGrom, stranding hitters on third base, making hitters work insanely hard to...

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Sunglasses for Your Face Shape and Size

The Ultimate Guide for Your Face Shape & Size One way to shop for the perfect pair of sunglasses online is to find a frame that works for your face shape and size. Heart-shaped, round-shaped, square-shaped, oval-shaped, you name it! No matter what face shape or size you have, there...

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Bradley Cooper Rocks Wiley X Sunglasses in American Sniper

Bradley Cooper Rocks Wiley X Sunglasses in American Sniper Movie   Bradley Cooper Sporting the Wiley X Saint Sunglasses Bradley Cooper stars in the blockbuster hit American Sniper, and since it hit the box office, people have been asking about those awesome "WX" sunglasses framing Bradley Cooper’s face throughout the movie. And why wouldn't...

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Celebrities Love Wearing Their Randolph Engineering Aviators

Celebrities Wearing Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses are the definition of classic cool. Durability is an understatement. Originally intended for wear in the U.S. Military, its metal framework is guaranteed to last through the most demanding use. These sunglasses have been worn and tested by pilots, tastemakers...

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SportRx fits Paul Sherwen for Tour de France glasses

SportRx fits Paul Sherwen for Tour de France glasses Last week, Smith Optics called me up to go to Pasadena for one of the final stages of the Tour de California. They needed someone to fit Paul Sherwen with some new glasses for the upcoming Tour de France. Paul Sherwen...

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Festival Fashion: What sunglasses to wear while you rock out

Festival Fashion: Sunglasses for Coachella, EDC, Warped Tour...and whatever music festival you're hitting up this year Festival Fashion: Kellen Lutz (Spy Helm), Kendall Jenner (Ray-Ban Aviators), Jared Leto (Ray-Ban Aviators) Whether you're in the dessert at Coachella or beach-side at Warped Tour, fabulous frames are a must for those...

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Oakley Holbrook. Celebrities Who Wear Awesome on Their Face.

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are among the hottest styles in eyewear this season. I mean, who wouldn't love this vintage-inspired, cool, classic frame? No wonder the voguish celebrities are rockin’ ‘em. Being the sunglass geeks that we are, we love that Oakley Holbrooks have more to offer than just good looks. These sweet shades...

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