Don’t let your fear of not getting your prescription sunglasses in time for your trip keep you from ordering your prescription sunglasses online with only a couple days to spare. If you’re looking for a brand new pair of sunglasses or prescription sunglasses for some last minute travel plans, we’ve got a solution for you! SportRx has come up with the best fast shipping on Rx orders with the idea of last minute travel in mind.

To manufacture any prescription glasses or sunglasses, it takes typically 1-3 weeks in production. The exact duration will vary based on frame and lens selections. Rush processing is based solely on shipping time after the production of frames is completed. SportRx standard shipping is 2-3 weeks and is FREE. If you would like to order rush shipping that is 1-2 weeks, it is only $30.

The SportRx Way of Fast shipping on Prescription Sunglasses – Here’s how it works:

Part 1: Rush Processing

We will have to take advantage of our rush processing service for orders that we’re making at our lab. It’s a small extra fee that gives you priority at the lab in addition to upgraded overnight shipping. But hey! What’s an extra 30 bucks for the quickest return for the pristine vision in a pair of prescription sunglasses that you’ll have just in time to enjoy on your vacation. We’d argue it’s pretty much a win-win.

Part 2: Call a Friendly, Helpful Optician

Its best to contact an optician with your order and desired frame. Not only will you be talking to a real, live optician (none of that call center nonsense!), but we can also verify that the color and the frame you’re looking for is in stock. This point of contact will give you a better idea of how likely it is that we’re going to meet the deadline for your vacation sunglasses.

Step 3: Specify All Deadlines

We want to make sure we’re aware of all your deadlines. This includes the day you’re headed off to your destination, and the day and time they have to be in your hands by. This information will give us a really good assessment of the likelihood of us getting you a product in time. When we put all the parts of our Fast Shipping on Rx Orders together, and gather the information on the stock that we have at the warehouse and the lab, we can more often than not meet really REALLY short deadlines.

Our suggestion for the Fast Shipping on Rx Orders:

costa len diagram

Costa Del Mar offers product in a very fast turn around, which helps to make the process of our fast shipping on prescription sunglasses do-able. Costa carries their frames on hand, and our lab only has to service the prescription lenses. Therefore, the turnaround time on Costa sunglasses coming to us ends up being about 2 day shipping to us, and then one day overnight shipping to you.

More Benefits of Our Rush Processing on Prescription Sunglasses:

The other part of this deal is if you’re going on vacation and you happen to be at a domestic destination, we’re happy to offer one day overnight shipping to your destination address. Sometimes that one day can buy us just enough time to finish the product and get it to your destination on the day you arrive or at some point during your vacation, making sure they’re still usable. So say your heading to a beach house for a last minute weekend getaway, we’d be happy to send your prescription sunglasses to your beach house destination. We’re more than happy to make your destination a shipping address for convenience purposes, just so long as it’s a domestic address.

Overall, fast shipping on prescription sunglasses is definitely an option when you shop online at SportRx. Our goal is to make shopping for sunglasses and prescription sunglasses as convenient as possible, especially when you want them to travel with you on those last minute vacations. Give us call, and we’ll do everything we can in our power to make fast shipping on your prescription sunglasses a reality.