Electric goggles are making a splash this ski & snowboarding season with the latest and greatest Electric EG3 goggles. Any guesses as to what EG3 stands for? Yup. Electric Goggle 3! Sweet 'n' simple.

The EG3 expands upon the amazing technology of the Electric EG2 goggle, but this time, it went frameless! That’s right, completely frameless for a full, unobstructed field of vision. Electric’s patented frameless technology is like none other. Not only are these goggles frameless, but they are the only frameless snow goggles on the market that are 100% sealed.

In addition to widescreen vision and ample protection from wind and elements, Electric EG3 goggle lenses have torsional rigidity (try saying that ten times fast)! That is, you can wear it, flex it, take a spill, etc. and your lens will not pop out of place. Plus, Electric EG3 goggles come equipped with triple-layer, moisture-wicking face foam to keep you dry and comfy. Electric goggles also feature a silicone-lined strap for ultimate helmet compatibility so you don’t have to worry about your goggles sliding around when wearing a helmet or even a beanie.

Electric EG3 Prescription Ski Goggles & Snowboarding Goggles

Electric EG3 Goggles

Another awesome thing about Electric EG3 goggles (and all Electric goggles in general) is that each Electric goggle automatically includes not one but TWO sets of lenses: one lens for low light days and another lens for brighter days. These goggle lenses have an anti-fog coating on the inside as well as an anti-scratch coating on the outside. Electric goggle lenses are easily interchangeable and can even be done while on a ski lift!

How to Change Electric EG3 Goggle Lenses: (see above video for a full visual)

1. Grab the edge or side of the lens and apply a little bit of force and the lens will come off.

2. To put lens back on, start with the nose piece and pop it on. Then pop on the top above the nose piece and finish with the two sides.

And boom. You just changed your Electric goggle lenses.

Need Electric goggles in prescription? Here’s some info on how prescription snow goggles work. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to help!