As a Costa authorized online dealer, we carry authentic prescription Costa sunglasses, eyeglasses, and readers. Our ABO certified sports opticians have over 100 years of optical experience and understand the importance of having the best eyewear. Combine our highly knowledgeable opticians with Costa’s unbeatable 580 lens technology for an unbelievable partnership. Whether you’re out on the boat, playing catch on the beach, or just driving around the city, SportRx offers the high-performance Costa eyewear you are looking for.

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Ever since Costa was founded in 1983, they have been producing the clearest lenses on the planet that will perform under the toughest conditions. The word about Costa 580 lenses quickly spread throughout the optical industry. It became inevitable Costa would offer authentic prescription 580 lenses. Costa’s dual patented 580 prescription lenses match everything you’ve come to expect in their color-enhancing technology.

Costa Tuna Alley

Costa Tuna Alley in Blackout with Green Mirror 580G Lenses

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The Costa Optical collections are suited for outdoor enthusiasts, video gamers, businessmen and women, and everything in between. Essentially, Costa eyeglasses are perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of glasses to fit their specific environment. Pair up Costa eyeglasses with SportRx custom prescription lenses and experience unparallel clarity. At SportRx you have full range of creating prescription lenses with the features you want. More specifically you choose the lens tint, mirror coating, anti-reflective coating, anti-fog, and anti-scratch coatings. What’s even better than all that is our certified opticians are happy to help if you have any questions about which lens features are appropriate for your vision needs.

Costa Ocean Ridge 100 Eyeglass

Costa Ocean Ridge 100 Eyeglass in Shiny Black with Grey Crystal

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Costa: Born on the Water

In 1983 a group of hardcore fishermen needed a pair of sunglasses were as hardcore as their days on the ocean. That is when Costa sunglasses were born. Built for the Atlantic with the durability to stand up to whipping salt winds and an unforgiving sun. Costa’s dual patented 580 lenses were the first all polarized color-enhancing lens technology to ever hit the market and they have not disappointed. Costa 580 lenses boast a 99.99% polarizing efficiency, offered in lightwave glass or impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and provide unmatched clarity. What makes Costa 580 lenses different from the other guys? Well, Costa 580 lenses filter out all the harsh yellow light and block all the bad HEV blue light from the sun. In return, Costa can manipulate the greens, reds, and blues on the color spectrum to provide more contrast and higher definition.

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Costa 580 Polarized Lens Diagram

580G Lenses

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580 Lens Guide

Costa offers 7 different lens colors with its 580 technology. Each lens tint is tailored for any condition from low light to extremely bright light. Essentially, Costa 580 lenses will have you covered for any adventure you seek. Make sure to check out each Costa lens tint video explained below to see which color is best for your favorite activities.

Costa Sunglasses Lens Guide

  • Blue Mirror Explained

  • Green Mirror Explained

  • Gray Silver Mirror/ Copper Silver Mirror/Sunrise Silver Mirror Explained

  • Gray Lens Explained

  • Copper Lens Explained

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Costa: Protecting Our Waters

Costa takes pride in creating the clearest lenses and most durable frames on the planet. However, what separates Costa from any other brand is there commitment to PROTECT the conservation of our rivers, lakes, oceans, and all the creatures living in it. How do they show it? Well, Costa works with initiatives like #OneCoast, to bring relief to coastal communities who have been affected by natural disasters. Costa provides bandwidth and financial support to causes like Ocearch, CCA, and The Billfish Foundation. They also joined forces with Bureo and fishermen in Chile. Together they are collecting discarded fishing nets from the sea and turning them into sunglasses.

The Costa Tribe shows its leadership through fully integrated partnerships like Indifly and Kick Plastic. Indifly promotes long-lasting economic infrastructure through sustainable fisheries for communities that are still developing. SportRx recently joined Costa and became a Kick Plastic Ambassador. We wanted to join Costa’s mission and help reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans. All plastic was removed from the SportRx office and recycled at a local recycling enter. At SportRx you can no longer find plastic utensils, cups, or straws. Costa’s drive to not only make premium products but protect our waters is something that makes SportRx proud to be a Costa authorized online dealer.

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As a Costa authorized online dealer, we have the privilege to build a relationship and grow with this brand. We have hundreds of YouTube videos and blogs related to Costa sunglasses and everything else they are involved in. If you haven't heard make sure to check out our See Better Guarantee policy. Essentially, you'll have 45 days after receiving your Costa sunglasses to test them out and make sure they are the perfect match. On the off chance you experience any discrepancies you can exchange the Costa sunglasses for an even better pair or a simple refund. If you had any specific questions make sure to send our opticians a message or call them at 888-831-5817.

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