Need help solving the problem of changing the Oakley Radar Lens? In the following video, we'll explain how to change the Oakley Radar lens, and how to put the Radar Oakley lens into this frame. You can also switch your Oakley Radar lens to any other frame! Check out how to change the Oakley Radar Lens down below.

How to Change Oakley Radar Lens

1) Release the nose piece by putting pressure on the inside of the nose piece, and a light push on the top of it.

2) Place one hand on the frame and the other hand on the lens. Put pressure with two fingers on the frame, and put pressure on the lens and pull it apart.

Putting Oakley Radar Lens Back in the Frame

1) Find the hook on the lens and then attach it to the hook on the inside of the frame. After you do one side, you will need to bend the lens a little bit so it can slide into the other hook.

2) Follow the grooves and push the lens into the top part of the frame.

3) Lastly, push the nose piece into the lense. Light pressure on the lens and pressure of the nose piece will put is securely back into the lens.

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