Learn how to Change your Prescription Goggle Inserts

The expert opticians at SportRx have  designed the best solution to prescription ski goggles and prescription MX goggles with an innovative pair of prescription goggle inserts. These work exceptionally well, and are easy to install and remove, but if you're having trouble doing so, we're here to help you out.  We'll walk you through the simple steps involved in order for you to see with ease on the mountain.

How To Change Your Prescription Goggle Inserts:

Steps to Input Your Prescription Goggle Insert:

1. Put your prescription goggle insert into the goggles by leading with the bottom of the prescription lenses.

2. After the bottom portion is in the frame, push the top "antennas" down with a little bit of force and slide the rest of the goggle insert into place.

3. To ensure the most precise optical alignment, make sure the middle of the insert is over the nose bridge so it’s entirely in line with the path from the nose bridge to the top of the goggle.

4. Your prescription goggle inserts should be secured in place, and you're good to go hit the slopes with perfect vision!

One Simple Step to Remove a Prescription Goggle Inserts:

1. Apply some pressure to the spring top on the prescription goggle insert and it will pop right out.

We hope we've made the process of removing and replacing your prescription goggle inserts as seamless as possible with this step by step guide. If you have any further questions on how to insert these lenses or how prescription goggle inserts work, please don't hesitate to give us a call or contact us on LiveChat! Our expert opticians are willing and able to help you with any questions that you can think of before your next purchase.