Wearing contacts is a hassle when you're out on the slopes. Against cold weather, high traveling speeds, and windy conditions, discomfort always seems to set in. When you finally get sick of the eye irritation, you take your contacts out and are left unable to see the amazing mountain views that you spent so much time and money planning for. Thankfully, there is another option. Stick around as we go over the three best SMITH OTG goggles for the 2022–2023 snow season.

Top SMITH OTG Goggles

A. What are SMITH OTG Goggles?
B. The Best SMITH OTG Goggles
1. SMITH Skyline XL
3. SMITH Grom
C. Is there an Alternative to SMITH OTG Goggles?
D. Shop SMITH OTG Goggles and Goggle Inserts

What are SMITH OTG Goggles?

OTG stands for over-the-glasses. SMITH OTG goggles contain an engineered cut-out to fit the temples of your eyeglasses easier inside. Some SMITH OTG goggles specifically have "OTG" in the name, while others do not. You will see this omission in the upcoming list.

The Best SMITH OTG Goggles

In addition to SMITH’s lifetime warranty on all their products, the top three SMITH OTG goggles all have a few things in common. The first similarity is that each of these goggles are designed for integration with SMITH helmets. They include DriWix face foam for ultimate venting and a fog-free performance. Each of these three OTG goggles also comes with a silicone-backed strap to hold them in place. This is great because having trouble with your goggles sliding down your helmet when speeding down a mountain is not only a hassle, but dangerous.

Moving onto the lenses, the top three SMITH OTG goggles also come with a spherical Carbonic-x lens. This lens provides distortion-free optics and impact resistance, so you can practice taking your snow skills to the next level. And of course, they are all available with SMITH ChromaPop lenses which enhance color and contrast, so you can anticipate every turn like a pro.

SMITH Skyline XL

best smith otg goggle smith skyline xl

SMITH Skyline XL in Black with Chromapop Photochromic Rose Flash Lens

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Flip the switch and take in a full-screen view of the mountain. The SMITH Skyline XL maximizes your view with a sleek, rimless design. Fog-X inner lenses provide unmatched airflow and fog-free vision, whether you’re at the resort or on a backcountry mission. The QuickFit strap adjustment lets you find the right fit fast, so you can spend less time fussing and more time shredding. The responsive Fit™ frame adjusts precisely to your face for comfortable all-day wear.


best smith otg goggle smith io mag xl

SMITH I/O MAG XL in Black with ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror + ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash Lens


Have trouble scoping lines to see where you are going? SMITH I/O MAG XL goggles give you a clear picture of the terrain ahead. They features SMITH’s highest level of 5X anti-fog to keep your vision sharp. The I/O Mag Series comes with two ChromaPop lenses for performance in bright-light and low-light conditions. Whether the day turns out to be clear or cloudy, lens swaps are a breeze thanks to SMITH’s MAG lens system. This system uses magnets for quick, easy lens changes so you can adapt to changing weather conditions in a snap. Because no two faces are the same, the responsive Fit™ frame adjusts to your face for comfortable wear. The QuickFit strap adjustment system means you find the right fit fast, and the XL I/O MAG gives you the largest possible lens.


best smith otg goggle for youth and small faces smith grom

SMITH Grom in Black with Red Sol-X Mirror Lens

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Boost your young shredder’s view of the slopes for prime execution on the mountain. SMITH Grom goggles share the same contrast boosting ChromaPop lens tech as SMITH's adult goggles, so your little one can easily detect every wind lip and tree glade. The Grom fits at a youth medium but has proven to be a worthy option for adults with small faces. They have a pressure-free fit that feels good all day, and a dual-slide strap for easy size adjustment. Gift your child with the best goggle technology there is to offer and fuel their fire with the SMITH Grom OTG snow goggle.

Is there an Alternative to SMITH OTG Goggles?

rx smith prescription snow goggle insert

SMITH Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

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The simple answer is, yes! Taking a fall with eyeglasses under your goggles can be painful. If you've never had your nose bridge crushed by the force of a rigid frame, then consider yourself lucky. No one makes the prescription wearer as important as SportRx. SportRx is the only provider of a truly unique prescription goggle solution. With over 25 models of unique prescription inserts, SportRx inserts are designed to fit with specific-model goggles to support complex prescription needs. Competitors have a “Universal” insert. You get one insert to work with 100 different goggles, making Rx inserts more of an afterthought. One for all means compromising on design.

Shop SMITH OTG Goggles and Goggle Inserts

Whether you go with SMITH OTG goggles or SMITH goggles and an Rx insert, shop risk free with SportRx's See Better Guarantee. Try your goggles and inserts for 45 days. If you aren't blown away by the epic precision, send them back for an exchange or refund. Want help choosing the perfect SMITH snow goggle lenses for your next ski trip? Contact SportRx today and speak to a certified Sports Optician. Skiiers and snowboarders themselves, they are just waiting to give you free advice. Get your SMITH OTG Goggles and inserts at SportRx, today!

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