Best Snow Goggles Under $150

Let's face it, skiing and snowboarding can be expensive. Renting gear is one thing but once you're hooked and buy your own set up it really adds up. That is why we put together this list of the best snow goggles under $150. Any of the goggles in this guide will give you a great product for a reasonable price point.

Featured Goggles

1. Oakley Line Miner
2. Oakley Line Miner XM
3. Dragon Rogue
4. Dragon NFX
5. SPY Ace
6. SPY Raider
7. Smith Squad XL
8. Smith Squad


Choosing a snow goggle can be tricky. We have created a Snow Goggle Buyer's Guide if you are not quite sure exactly what to look for in a snow goggle. We hope this list helps to narrow down some of your choices.


Oakley Line Miner

Goggle Size Guide Oakley Line Miner Snow Goggle in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

Shop Oakley Line Miner

PRICE: $120-$160

The Oakley Line Miner boasts a large cylindrical lens for maximum viewing area. This goggle comes standard with one PRIZM lens so you can see all of the details out on the slopes. Triple layer foam and a silicone-ribbed strap give you the comfort to stay out riding all day long.

Oakley Line Miner XM

ine miner xm prizm hi pink Oakley Line Miner XM in Matte White with PRIZM HI-Pink

Shop Oakley Line Miner XM

PRICE: $120-$160

The Oakley Line Miner XM is a medium fit version of the Line Miner. All the features are the same but the fit is smaller.

Dragon Rogue

Dragon Rogue Dragon Rogue in Echo with Photochromic Amber

Shop Dragon Rogue

PRICE: $110-$130

The Dragon Rogue sports a classic look with a small-medium fit. The Rogue comes with standard features and Lumalens technology, making it hard to beat at that low of a price.

Dragon NFX

Dragon NFX Dragon NFX in Mill with Lumalens Blue Ion

Shop Dragfon NFX

PRICE: $110-$130

Similar to the Rogue, the NFX features venting in the top of the lens but also has armored venting in the top of the goggle. This helps to keep snow out and maintain structure of the venting area. The cylindrical lens gives you a retro look that will keep you feeling hip on the slopes. This goggle comes with two sets of lenses that are both made with Lumalens technology for the ultimate contrast. The NFX is a medium-large fit but there is also a NFXS available if you are looking for a smaller fit.


SPY Ace SPY Ace in Deep Winter Grey with Happy Gray Green w/ Silver Spectra

Shop SPY Ace

PRICE: $130

The SPY Ace has a medium-large fit with a cylindrical lens shape. This goggle comes with two sets of SPY Happy lenses so you can see all of the details on the slopes and have a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

SPY Raider

SPY Raider SPY Raider in Old School White with Happy Bronze with Silver Spectra

PRICE: $90-$100

This goggle comes with one Happy lens and also one persimmon lens for flat light days. Similar to all the other goggle sin this guide, the Raider features triple-layer foam and a silicone-ribbed strap for comfort.

Smith Squad XL

Smith Squad XL prescription snow goggle Smith Squad XL in Black with Chromapop Everyday Green

Shop Smith Squad XL

PRICE: $130

If you want a big cylindrical goggle, the Smith Squad XL is a great option. The Squad XL comes with two Chromapop lenses and has a ultra-wide viewing area so you can spot other riders in your peripherals.

Smith Squad

Smith Squad Smith Squad in Cloudgrey with Red Sol-X Mirror

Shop Smith Squad

PRICE: $85

The Smith Squad is smaller than the Squad XL and comes with one Chromapop and one non-Chromapop lens. However, there are configurations that are a bit more than $85 that do come with two sets of Chromapop lenses.

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