If you’re on the fence about committing to a New Year’s resolution, or debating getting back on the running track, take a word from Nike and “Just Do It.” Running is one of the most rewarding sports to incorporate into your active lifestyle and can help you accomplish your 2022 fitness goals. To achieve the most out of your run, set yourself up for success with the best Nike running sunglasses of the year. Our Sports Opticians have curated a lineup of the top running sunglasses from the brand who knows running best: Nike!

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Running Sunglasses
B. Best Nike Running Sunglasses of 2022
1. Nike Tailwind
2. Nike Adrenaline 22
3. Nike Show x3
4. Nike Trainer
5. Nike Maverick RGE
C. Best Nike Running Sunglasses of 2021
D. Get Nike Running Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

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What to Look for in Running Sunglasses

For a complete breakdown of which features to consider in running sunglasses, visit our Running Sunglasses Buyer's Guide. However, we'll cover the basics below.

Frame Technology

Running sunglasses should help you focus on your stride by fitting seamlessly and staying in place. To avoid the dreaded frame bounce, choose a lightweight material with a featherweight-feel that doesn't distract you from crossing the finish line. Rubber grips will further enhance staying power and keep your frames securely in place when you break a sweat.

Coverage is another important factor to consider. Available in 8-base wrap designs or tall and wide lenses, you'll want a style that doesn't allow harsh UV rays to enter your peripheral vision.

Lens Technology

Enjoy the view with the latest lens technology from Nike. MAX Optics provides enhanced contrast, acute clarity, and superior UV protection. Select from a variety of colors, each intended to make details pop in your specific environment.

Wear prescription? SportRx has you covered. All the frames in our lineup of the best Nike running sunglasses are available with prescription lenses. You'll love the Sport Optimized lenses that are ready to take on your vision needs and enhance your favorite running trails.

Best Nike Running Sunglasses of 2022

Let's check out the frames!

Nike Tailwind

Runners rejoice! The Nike Tailwind packs all the performance tech we love into one seriously sleek design. An ergonomic fit makes it ultra-comfortable to wear, while a lightweight nylon construction will help you go for the gold. An out-of-this-world ventilation system encourages air flow from all angles, so you'll never have to worry about fogging lenses again. Floating rubber nose pads absorb impact during each stride and give you grip when you need it the most.

And the performance doesn't stop there. Nike outdid themselves with an innovative flying lens design that is interchangeable. Yep, you read that right. These gorgeous flying lenses can be easily swapped to accommodate bluebird summer day runs and moody dusk jogs.

First frame in lineup of the Best Nike Running Sunglasses featuring the Nike Tailwind. A semi-rimless matte grey frame with dark grey Nike MAX Optics lenses.

Nike Tailwind in Matte Oil Grey with Dark Grey Lenses

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Nike Tailwind Key Features

  • Interchangeable flying lenses allow you to swap lenses on-the-go & promote air flow
  • Floating vented nose bridge decreases fogging & features rubber grip
  • Ventilation system keeps you cool during even your sweatiest runs
  • Available with Nike MAX Optics or Sport Optimized prescription lenses
  • SportRx Frame Width: 132 (What is SFW?)

Nike Adrenaline 22

A new release for 2022, the Nike Adrenaline 22, is back and better than ever. Now with more grip, sustainable materials, and performance-ready action, these Nike sunglasses are a welcomed update to a running-favorite. Made from 45% castor bean oil, the eco-friendly material feels equally good physically and mentally. Taking care of the planet is cool, and you can do it while wearing the Adrenaline 22.

To learn even more about how this updated version differs from its predecessor, visit our blog on the Nike Adrenaline 2 vs. Adrenaline 22. For runners, we'll tell you right now, you'll want the rubber grip that comes with the 2022 design!

Nike Adrenaline 22 sunglasses in matte black with red Nike logo, red temple tips, and red mirror lenses.

Nike Adrenaline 22 in Matte Black with Red Mirror Lenses

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Nike Adrenaline 22 Key Features

  • Bio-injected resin is eco-friendly, lightweight, & durable
  • Ventilated nose pads encourage air flow & decrease fogging
  • Rubber nose pads & temple tips enhance grip — even when you break a sweat
  • Available with Nike MAX Optics or Sport Optimized prescription lenses
  • SFW: 134

Nike Show X3

If you loved the interchangeable lens system of the Nike Tailwind, we've got another frame to enter the race. The Nike Show X3 allows you to swap lenses in mere seconds to get the perfect tint level of tint for the moment. A contoured lens design provides deep coverage and wrap, so you are protected from harsh UV rays at all angles. The floating rubber nose bridge doubles up as a shock-absorber and extra grip. Our Sports Opticians have been so impressed with the Nike Show X3's performance-abilities that we nominated it for the 2021 REXY Best New Release!

Nike Show X3 sunglasses in grey with red and yellow details and grey/orange lenses.

Nike Show X3 in Matte Sequoia with Grey/Orange Lenses

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Nike Show X3 Key Features

  • Interchangeable contoured lenses deliver deeper & wider coverage
  • Floating saddle bridge encourages air flow & reduces fogging
  • Rubber grip on nose pads & temples keep frame comfortably in place
  • Available with Nike MAX Optics or Sport Optimized prescription lenses
  • SFW: 135

Nike Trainer

Tried-and-true, the Nike Trainer often finds its way into many of our best of sport lineups. It's lightweight, durable, and works for virtually any sport, making it a great option if you're running to a game of pick-up soccer. This wrap-around performance frame will keep your eyes on the prize — and with clear vision. Interchangeable Nike MAX Optics lenses have a semi-rimless design to encourage air flow and are easily swapped on-the-go. Ventilation along the temple tips and rubber nose pads will further decrease fogging, so you'll never have to pause for a lens cleaning again.

Nike Trainer running sunglasses in matte grey with blue mirror lenses.

Nike Trainer in Matte Grey with Grey / Blue Mirror Lenses

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Nike Trainer Key Features

  • Nylon construction is lightweight & durable for all sports
  • Ventilation across nose pads & temple tips encourages air flow
  • Interchangeable lens system means you will always have the perfect level of tint
  • Available with Nike MAX Optics or Sport Optimized prescription lenses
  • SFW: 136

Nike Maverick RGE

If you want a dynamic sports frame that looks good on and off the track, look no further than the Nike Maverick RGE. A standout frame within our lineup of the best Nike running sunglasses, the Maverick RGE has a flatter 6-base curve. Unlike the former 8-base styles, the Maverick RGE relies on tall and wide lenses to give you maximum lens real estate. This is also a huge bonus for high prescription-wearers. Six-base lenses are much more accommodating to strong Rx needs, than their 8-base wrap-around counterparts.

As for the frame itself, the nylon construction and full-rim design make this an extremely durable style that will last for years to come. Vented rubber nose pads and ridged rubber temple tips help direct moisture away from the frame, while increasing comfort and grip.

Nike Maverick RGE running sunglasses in matte black with light blue temple tips and turquoise mirror lenses.

Nike Maverick RGE in Matte Black with Turquoise Mirror Lenses

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Nike Maverick RGE Key Features

  • Full-rim nylon frame is lightweight & ultra-durable
  • 6-base lens makes this an excellent choice for strong prescriptions
  • Vented rubber nose pads encourage air flow & decrease fogging
  • Available with Nike MAX Optics or Sport Optimized prescription lenses
  • SFW: 138

Best Nike Running Sunglasses of 2021

Want even more frame recommendations? See last year's winners below!

Nike Sentiment

Fashion-forward, the Nike Sentiment sunglasses are surely on this year's top list. Featuring a subtle cat-eye and durable material, Sentiment is a frame you can take from the gym to drinks with no hassle.

Nike Sentiment

Nike Sentiment in Tortoise/ Gunmetal with Green Lenses

Shop Nike Sentiment

Key Features

  • Slight side shields - added protection from debris
  • Bent temple tips
  • Rx-able

Nike Adrenaline

Pump it up in the Nike Adrenaline sunglasses. Featuring a lightweight and durable frame, Adrenaline is ready for your heart rate to rise. Its polycarbonate lens material is highly resistant to impact and makes sure you have clear optics from every angle.

Nike Adrenaline 2 Hiking Sunglasses

Nike Adrenaline 2 in Matte Black & Infrared

Shop Nike Adrenaline

Key Features

  • Advanced optics
  • Bent temple tips
  • lightweight frame
  • Rx-able

Nike Brazen Shadow

Nike Brazen Shadow sunglasses take on a b0ld and unique style. With slightly thicker temple tips that are equipped with rubber, Brazen Shadow is sure to hold on steady for any activity you take it through. Featuring a rectangular shape, you'll look great taking on any task in these sunglasses.

Nike Brazen Shadow in Matte Black/White - Dark Grey Lens

Shop Nike Brazen Shadow

Key Features

  • Sports wrap design
  • Lightweight nylon frame
  • Rx-able!

Nike Breeze

Rounding out this year's list is the Nike Breeze sunglasses. A winning women's sports frame, the Breeze is equipped with a full-wrap frame design and made with unbelievably lightweight material. Breeze is a sunglass you'll want to take with you all day long.

Nike Breeze Cycling Sunglasses

Nike Breeze in Tortoise/Gold & Dark Brown

Shop Nike Breeze

Key Features

  • Frame cups- added wind protection
  • Rubber grip - temple tips & nose pads
  • Rx-able

Get Nike Running Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

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