So, you've got your wheels pumped, helmet secured, and your shoes are fastened nice and snug — but how's your eyewear looking? If you’re looking to complete your cycling uniform with some quality sunglasses to match, then look no further than our list of the best Nike cycling sunglasses.

Whether you’re a hardcore marathon enthusiast or a casual weekend cyclist that just wants a sportier style in your eyewear, Nike’s got the frames for you. As the world’s leading sports apparel brand, Nike eyewear is specially inspired by athletes, for athletes, and is guaranteed to bring any cyclist’s performance to the next level.

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B. What to Look For in Nike Cycling Sunglasses
C. Best Nike Cycling Sunglasses
1. Nike Rabid 22
2. Nike Skylon Ace 22
3. Nike Victory
4. Nike Show X3
5. Nike Trainer
D. Shop Prescription Nike Cycling Sunglasses at SportRx

Watch the Video

Check out Eyeglass Tyler's in-depth review on the best Nike cycling sunglasses over on our YouTube channel! Cruise ahead to the rest of the article to learn more.

What to Look for in Nike Cycling Sunglasses

Whether you’re biking through your neighborhood or in the heat of a big race, you’ll want cycling sunglasses that fit comfortably, provide ample coverage, and enhance your view of the path ahead. To learn all the details about how to buy cycling sunglasses, check out our Cycling Sunglasses Buyer's Guide. For a quick recap, continue reading to see what to look out for in Nike cycling sunglasses.


Clear vision is key to a safe and enjoyable bike ride. The avid cyclist will want to wear frames that have generous coverage for any course or weather conditions. All Nike sunglasses in today’s lineup feature an 8-base wrap design, which provides the maximum amount of coverage. This wrap around design protects your vision from eye-watering wind, dust or debris, distracting glare, and damaging UV rays. This sports wrap also allows you a wide field of vision, which is crucial if you often bike on busy streets or with multiple cyclists.

Fit and Grip

When you’re focused on breaking your PR or just want to enjoy the scenery on your ride, you won’t want to be distracted by an ill-fitting frame. Sunglasses that are too small will be uncomfortable, and sunglasses that are too large will slide down your nose and risk falling off. By choosing cycling sunglasses that fit, you can focus on the road ahead and make your ride more enjoyable.

Not sure how to find your correct size of sunglasses? We’ve created an easy way to determine your perfect frame measurement. Find out your ideal SportRx Frame Width (SFW) by checking out our SportRx Sunglasses Size Guide. To get a better idea of how your Nike sunglasses will fit, refer to our Nike Men’s Sunglasses Size Guide and our Nike Women’s Sunglasses Size Guide.

The last thing you need when you’re speeding down a hill are your sunglasses slipping off your face. Sunglasses that feature rubber grip on the nose pads and/or temples help you maintain focus and safety on the bumpiest roads. All Nike sunglasses in our lineup feature soft rubber grips that keep them secure and comfortable. Bonus points if those temples or nose pads are adjustable! Slimmer curved or adjustable temples are also best suited to fit under your helmet without causing pressure behind your ears.

Frame Tech

Many of Nike’s frames here, especially their newer models, are crafted with at least 40% castor bean oil. This innovative injected frame material is part of a larger sustainability initiative that Nike has taken on as a brand. Their eco-friendly sunglasses are lightweight, flexible, and built to last. The frames on our list all feature a floating ventilated nose bridge to keep you cool on long rides and absorb impact in the event of a crash. And of course, they all have the iconic Nike swoosh logo on each temple.

Lens Tech

All frames in our lineup feature Nike's proprietary MAX Optics lens tech, which provides enhanced color and unmatched clarity in a wider field of view. Nike offers a variety of lens tints in select sunglasses optimized for different sports, settings, and light conditions. For cycling, look for Nike sunglasses with Road Tint or Speed Tint lenses, which are designed to block harsh light bouncing off-road or track environments.

In addition to 100% UV protection, each frame includes an anti-reflective coating, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to protect against moisture and smudges, and a protective hard coating. Paired with 8-base wrap around lenses, you'll have a razor-sharp line of sight of the finish line, and a panoramic view of the crowd cheering you on. Even better, these Nike cycling sunglasses are all Rx-able at!

Best Nike Cycling Sunglasses

Now that you’ve got the rundown of what to look for in your cycling eyewear, we’re stoked to share our top Nike sunglass picks. These five Nike cycling sunglasses will enhance your performance, make your ride more enjoyable, and make you look like a pro (if you aren’t one already!). We know that every athlete is different, and if a frame doesn't totally make you feel like you're on top of the world, let us know! Try any Nike cycling sunglasses from SportRx risk-free for 45 days with our See Better Guarantee™.

Without further ado, here are SportRx’s best Nike cycling sunglasses, curated by our in-house Sports Opticians.

Nike Rabid 22

Kicking off our lineup of the best Nike cycling sunglasses is the new Nike Rabid 22. Often introduced as the smaller version of the Nike Adrenaline 22, this medium frame provides amazing coverage for cyclists of all face shapes. Great for training for a big race or when you’re exploring a new trail, this full sports wrap sunglass has you covered! A rubber nose bridge and bent temples keep your frames comfortable and optically aligned, and screwless cam hinges keep them secure for the entire ride. The Nike Rabid 22 is available in prescription, and in a variety of colors, including our exclusive SportRx / Nike collaboration Matte Slate colorway!

Nike Rabid 22 sunglasses in matte dark grey and blue with blue mirror lenses.

Nike Rabid 22 in Matte Dark Grey with Blue Mirror Lenses

Shop Nike Rabid 22

Rabid 22 Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable eco-friendly frame
  • Ventilated nose bridge to keep you cool and reduce fogging
  • Rubber nose pads and wrapped temples keep frames secure
  • Rx-able and progressive friendly
  • SFW: 130 (Men's Small-Medium and Women's Medium)

Skylon Ace 22

Another new 2022 release is the Skylon Ace 22, perfect for high intensity bike rides with its 8-base wrap around frame and rubberized temples. Enjoy full coverage from wind and UV rays, and unobstructed peripheral vision to keep an eye out for cars or other cyclists. Its semi-rimless design also makes it a breeze to look down and check your phone or your GPS bike computer. The Skylon Ace 22's curved bent temples up the comfort factor and fit snugly under a helmet. This lightweight frame is made from eco-friendly castor bean oil and is durable enough to accompany you miles and miles into the future. And if you need them in prescription, we’ve got you covered!

Nike Skylon Ace 22 in matte black with dark grey lenses

Nike Skylon Ace 22 in Matte Black with Dark Grey Lenses

Shop Nike Skylon Ace 22

Skylon Ace 22 Key Features:

  • Semi-rimless wrap around design offers generous field of vision
  • Curved rubberized temples fit comfortably under a helmet
  • Floating nose bridge provides air flow and prevents fogging
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 132 (Men's Medium and Women's Medium-Large)

Nike Victory

Introducing the newest Nike women’s sunglasses, the Nike Victory will have you running (or cycling) up that hill to make a deal with the goddess of victory. Bike rides are a breeze with these lightweight and flexible eco-friendly frames. The adjustable floating nose bridge gives a little more separation from the face, allowing more air flow to keep you cool. Cyclists with longer eyelashes will also appreciate the extra space. The slim adjustable temples slide easily under your helmet, and an improved rubber material prevents them from getting caught in your hair.

We recommend the Victory sunglasses with Nike's proprietary Road Tint lenses, which effectively cut glare bouncing off cars and glass windows. It's also available with prescription lenses or with a removable Rx insert right here at SportRx.

Nike Victory sunglasses for women in matte black, pink, and red with rose road tint lenses.

Nike Victory in Matte Ironstone with Road Tint Lenses

Shop Nike Victory

Victory Key Features:

  • Semi-rimless wrap around design offers generous field of vision
  • Adjustable ventilated nose pads sit further off the face for added air flow
  • Adjustable rubber temples and nose pads ensure comfort and security
  • Prescription-ready lenses or with Rx insert for strong prescriptions
  • SFW: 133 (Women's Medium-Large and Men's Medium)

Nike Show X3

Up next we have past REXY Award Nominee, the Nike Show X3. This lightweight frame has got some seriously sporty style with an eco-friendly construction. Partially crafted from castor bean oil, this unique material is not only sustainable but amazingly durable. Enjoy wrap around coverage with its 8-base semi-rimless design, and the best all-around clarity with Nike's MAX Optics lens tech. You'll always be aware of your surroundings, like oncoming traffic and other obstacles in your path, all while taking in the full view of the open road. A ventilated upper frame and floating nose pad provides anti-fogging functionality and additional air circulation, keeping you cool on long sunny days. On cloudier days, you can easily swap out your lenses to accommodate shifting light conditions.

To really get in the cycling zone, we recommend the Show X3 with Road Tint lenses to eliminate glare from vehicles and other distracting shiny objects. If your regular prescription glasses are hindering you from your best performance, we got you! Get the Nike Show X3 in your unique prescription for unstoppable vision.

Nike Show X3 cycling prescription sunglasses in white with black Nike logo and Road Tint Mercury Lenses

Nike Show X3 in White with Road Tint Mercury Lenses

Shop Nike Show X3

Show X3 Key Features:

  • Past REXY Award Nominee for Best New Release
  • Ventilated upper frame and floating nose pad prevents fogging
  • Interchangeable lenses for various lighting and weather conditions
  • Rx-able with customized lenses or prescription insert
  • SFW: 135 (Men's Medium-Large and Women's Large)

Nike Trainer

Rounding off our list of the best Nike cycling sunglasses are a tried-and-true athlete's favorite, the Nike Trainer. This versatile frame is suited for training and competing in many sports, especially cycling. Its 8-base sports wrap gives you full coverage from wind and UV rays, and the wide field of vision helps you spot potential dangers from all directions. The Trainer is available with Speed Tint lenses, which are specialized for activity in bright sun and environments with harsh glare. Its lenses are also interchangeable, so you can take these frames for a gloomy morning ride (UV rays still penetrate on cloudy days!) to a sunny afternoon ride with the right coverage every time.

Be sure to check out the Nike Trainer Small for smaller heads! And like the rest of our lineup, the Trainer is available in prescription.

Nike Trainer prescription cycling sunglasses in Matte Grey with Speed Tint Lenses

Nike Trainer in Matte Grey with Speed Tint Lenses

Shop Nike Trainer

Trainer Key Features:

  • 8-base sport wrap frame
  • Interchangeable lenses for different weather and cycling environments
  • Floating rubber nose pads for ventilation and impact-absorption
  • Rx-able and progressive friendly
  • SFW: 136 (Men's Medium-Large and Women's Large)

Shop Prescription Nike Cycling Sunglasses at SportRx

Thinking of ordering your Nike cycling sunglasses in prescription? Just Do It! When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect Nike shades for cycling. Answers to all your questions are at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, give us a call! We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house Sports Opticians who can help you build the best prescription Nike cycling sunglasses.

Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee™. Try your Nike cycling sunglasses for 45 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get the best Nike Vision cycling sunglasses online at SportRx today!

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