Embrace the motocross spirit of adrenaline, speed, and skill while staying smart and safe with the best dirt bike goggles. From your helmets to your boots, your gear should be nothing short of exceptional. And when it comes to goggles, compromise is not an option.

Our Sports Opticians specialize in selecting top performance eyewear for a variety of sports, including the best dirt bike goggles. With strong connections to leading sports brands, we have exclusive insight about what goes into a great pair of MX goggles. We're sharing our expertise by highlighting the essential features to look for and explaining why these goggles stand out as the absolute best. Get ready to take your dirt biking game to the next level with the best dirt bike goggles of 2023!

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Time to reveal the best dirt bike goggles of 2023! We'll explore why they made the cut and go over any potential limitations.

100% Armega

100% Armega goggles are a top-notch choice for motocross enthusiasts. They focus on performance, comfort, and durability. The frame uses a bonded dual-injection system that allows it to withstand the rigors of motocross and provides long-lasting performance. It also molds to the contours of the face to reduce pressure points and provide a snug, yet comfortable fit.

One of the standout features of the Armega is its quick-release lens-changing system. It allows for easy and hassle-free lens swapping with minimal fingerprints. No matter what the lighting conditions are, you can adapt. The system also creates a complete seal between the lens and frame to lock it in place. No more rattling lenses!

The Armega's quadruple-layer, ventilated foam gasket has holes to keep sweat out of your eyes. Vents on the top of the gasket allow airflow in, while the sweat channels draw sweat down and out of the goggle. This keeps your vision clear and fog-free during intense rides.

The detachable nose guard provides added protection to the nose area, which is vulnerable to impact and debris while riding. It also offers versatility. Depending on your preference and riding conditions, you can attach or remove it. Lastly, the detachable nature makes it easier to clean and maintain your goggles. You can extend the lifespan of your goggles so that they remain in optimal condition for longer.

One factor to consider is the Armega’s size and fit. Some may find that it has a large profile, which could interfere with certain helmet shapes or preferences. A proper fit is crucial for lasting comfort when wearing goggles for longer rides.

100% Armega dirt bike goggles in Solis with True Gold Mirror lens

100% Armega in Solis with True Gold Mirror lens

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100% Armega Pros:

  • Shatter-resistant lens protects your eyes
  • Quick-release interchange system so you’re ready for any lighting condition
  • Air intake system eliminates fogging
  • Removable nose guard provides customization and easy cleaning

100% Armega Cons:

  • May be too big for some helmets


If you like the Fox Main but are ready for an upgrade, the Fox Airspace has you covered. The two dirt bike goggles share the same frame, but the Airspace gives you the addition of outriggers and a nose guard.

The Airspace MX Goggle is a popular choice among motocross riders, offering a range of features. The Airspace has an expansive field of sight that provides riders with a wide view of their surroundings. This is great for enhancing safety and awareness on the track.

Fox is known for its stylish and modern designs, and the Airspace goggle is no exception. It offers a sleek and attractive appearance that riders will appreciate. Look good, feel good.

If you prefer a lot of lens options, you might want to pass on the Airspace. It isn't the most customizable, but compared to the other goggles under $200 on this list, it has the easiest lens interchangeability. On top of all of that, the Airspace comes with triple-layer foam for a comfortable fit and a ventilation system to reduce fogging.

Fox Airspace in Pewter with Clear Injected Polycarbonate lens

Fox Airspace in Pewter with Clear Injected Polycarbonate lens

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Fox Airspace Pros:

  • Shatter-resistant lens protects eyes
  • Interchangeable system makes you ready for any lighting condition
  • Ventilation system eliminates fogging
  • Removable nose guard provides customization and easy cleaning

Fox Airspace Cons:

  • Not recommended for bright light conditions

100% ACCURI 2

100% always strives for excellence, and we appreciate their innovative approach to classic designs. The 100% Accuri 2 draws inspiration from its predecessor with an improved fit and expanded field of vision. This enhances your awareness on the track, so you can stay on top of your game. The goggle also features triple-layer face foam which reduces discomfort from pressure points and ensures a comfortable fit during long rides.

The Accuri 2 has a 9-pin lens retention system, making it one of the sturdiest and most reliable goggles in the industry. This secure system holds the lens firmly in place, providing peace of mind during intense rides. The goggle also includes an oversized 45mm silicon-coated strap that holds it firmly in place and prevents slipping.

It's worth noting that the Accuri 2 does not come with a detachable nose guard, so if that matters to you, you may want to check out other options. Also, the lens is equipped with an anti-fog coating, but it can fog up a bit on intense rides or in humid environments.

100% Accuri 2 best dirt bike goggles in Dunder with Mirror Yellow + Clear lens

100% Accuri 2 in Dunder with Mirror Yellow + Clear lens

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100% Accuri 2 Pros:

  • Expanded field of vision enhances awareness
  • 9-pin lens retention system prevents lens from rattling
  • Triple-layer face foam is extra comfortable
  • Oversized strap holds the goggle in place

100% Accuri 2 Cons:

  • No nose guard for added protection
  • Not ideal for humid environments


The Racecraft is back and better than ever with the 100% Racecraft 2 MX goggle. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this goggle offers several improvements that enhance your riding experience. The widened field of view gives you better situational awareness to help you make quick decisions during high-speed rides. Wide outriggers deliver a snug and balanced fit to keep out dust. The triple-layer face foam manages sweat, and the wide silicone strap provides extra grip onto your helmet. As for the lenses, you can easily swap them out thanks to the secure 9-pin lens retention system. Slip in a prescription insert and you'll be seeing clearly at even the fastest speeds.

We did notice minor issues with fogging, particularly during demanding riding sessions or in humid environments. While the goggle comes with an anti-fog coated lens, it could be better ventilated.

100% Racecraft in Trinidad with Mirror Blue + Clear lens

100% Racecraft 2 in Trinidad with Mirror Blue + Clear lens

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100% Racecraft 2 Pros:

  • Wide outriggers deliver a snug and secure fit
  • Triple-layer face foam manages sweat
  • 9-pin lens retention system holds the lens in place

100% Racecraft 2 Cons:

  • Not ideal for humid environments


It should come as no surprise that performance-oriented Oakley delivers a seriously impressive dirt bike goggle. The Oakley Airbrake MX is one of the top Oakley motocross goggles, and for good reason. For starters, you can customize the lenses for your riding environment. The Airbrake MX uses impact-resistant Plutonite™ lenses that are available with PRIZM™ lens technology and MX-specific color options. When you're ready to swap lenses, Switchlock™ technology makes it a breeze.

In addition to amazing optics, we love the contoured frame architecture that makes for a seamless fit and provides a continuous seal. It eliminates pressure points so you are ultra-comfortable.

The Oakley Airbrake MX goggle is a top-tier choice with advanced features and exceptional performance, but it comes with a higher price tag. Despite this, the Airbake’s superior optics, lens interchangeability, and impressive ventilation make it a worthy investment for dedicated riders.

Oakley Airbrake motocross goggle in Moto Green with Prizm MX Jade lens

Oakley Airbrake in Moto Green with Prizm MX Jade lens

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Oakley Airbrake MX Pros:

  • Lens material is highly impact-resistant
  • MX-specific lens colors
  • Switchlock™ technology makes swapping lenses quick and hassle-free

Oakley Airbrake MX Cons:

  • Higher price point matches the quality


At SportRx, we select the best dirt bike goggles of the year with strict standards, which we break down below! Check out these key goggle features to look for so you can select the best dirt bike goggles for your next ride.

Frame Essentials for Dirt Bike Goggles

Frame mechanics play a crucial role in dirt bike goggle performance. The frame features will enhance your riding experience and keep your eyes well-protected.

  • Durability: A sturdy frame construction makes sure that the goggles withstand the rigors of off-road riding to protect you during impact and against debris.
  • Comfort: A quality frame design provides a secure and comfortable fit on your face to allow you to focus on the ride without adjustment.
  • Helmet Compatibility: A helmet-compatible dirt bike goggle provides a seamless fit. It has an adjustable silicone-lined strap so you can keep your hands on the throttle—and not your goggles.
  • Sweat Management: A ventilation system removes hot air and gives you fog-free vision as the competition heats up. Face foam with a fleece lining wicks away sweat from your eyes to prevent stinging and blurred vision.
  • Interchangeable Lens System: An interchangeable lens system allows you to swap lenses and get the perfect amount of coverage and contrast in any riding condition.

Lens Necessities for Dirt Bike Goggles

The best dirt bike goggles have the best lenses, which play an important role on the track. Look for top-notch features that provide optimal visibility throughout your ride.

  • Impact Resistance: Impact-resistant lenses protect your eyes during high-speed rides. They won’t shatter during a pile-up and safeguard your eyes from flying debris.
  • Contrast-Enhancement: High-contrast lenses determine the difference between a smooth ride and a wipeout. They boost depth perception for precise coordination between you and your bike as you approach each jump.
  • Anti-Fog: Similar to the frame's ventilation system, it's important that your lenses have FogDefense™. Most dirt bike goggles come with a standard anti-fog lens coating to manage moisture and reduce the chances of fogging. For riders using prescription inserts in their MX goggles, we highly recommend applying an anti-fog coating to the insert as well. This additional layer of protection cuts moisture buildup and provides clear vision throughout your ride. If you're new to the idea of dirt bike goggles with prescription inserts, they truly transform your riding experience! Feel free to contact us, and our knowledgeable Sports Opticians will help and answer any inquiries you may have.
  • Tear-Offs: When riding off-road, your dirt bike goggle lenses are exposed to mud, dirt, dust, and debris. Tear-offs are placed on the outside of the lens and are easily removed while riding to instantly clear any visual obstructions. Dirt bike and motocross goggles typically feature a tear-off post on the lens and one on the outrigger (strap clip). These posts are compatible with both standard and laminated tear-offs, making sure you're prepared for any riding condition.


What is the difference between ski goggles and dirt bike goggles?

Ski goggles and dirt bike goggles are designed for different purposes and have notable differences. A few are:

  • Design: Ski goggles are typically larger and cover a bigger part of the face for protection from cold temperatures, wind, and snow. Dirt bike goggle frames are smaller to fit under the helmet brow and focus on protecting the eyes from debris, dirt, and dust.
  • Lens Tint: Ski goggles often come with interchangeable lenses to adapt to different lighting conditions on the slopes. Dirt bike goggles typically have lenses with tint options that enhance contrast and visibility in off-road and indoor track environments.
  • Strap Design: Ski goggles usually have wider straps to accommodate helmets and provide a secure fit.

Are Oakley MX Goggles worth it?

Performance-oriented Oakley delivers seriously impressive dirt bike goggles. Oakley even offers a line of customized lens tints for dirt bike riding environments. Some of their goggles, like the Oakley Airbrake MX, also have Switchlock™ technology which makes swapping lenses easier than other MX goggles on the market.

Do dirt bike goggles go outside the helmet?

Yes, dirt bike goggles are designed to be worn with the strap outside the helmet. They are typically worn over the eyes and secured in place using the adjustable strap that goes around the back of the helmet.


Looking for prescription motocross goggles? Look no further! We offer custom-built prescription inserts that are designed to fit perfectly in your goggles. And, you can use your FSA and HSA funds to buy them!

When you shop with us, you'll have access to video guides and tooltips to help you create the best dirt bike goggles for you. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable in-house opticians are just a message away. Contact us today and let us help you build your prescription motocross goggles, tailored to your exact needs.


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