When it comes to riding a motorcycle or dirt bike, there is a lot more to consider than balance and clutch control. When riding on uneven terrain, it quickly becomes apparent just how important it is to have clear vision and trustworthy eye protection. That’s where Oakley MX goggles come in. Whether you’re out on the road or on a closed course, it is detrimental to be able to see obstacles that may appear in your way. Continue reading to learn why, when it comes to riding goggles, Oakley motocross goggles are the way to go.

Oakley MX Goggles

1. Are Oakley MX Goggles Good?
A. PRIZM MX Goggle Lens
B. Prescription Goggle Insert
2. Can You Change the Strap on Oakley Goggles?
3. Best Oakley MX Goggles
A. Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle
B. Oakley Front Line MX Goggle
C. Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro
4. Shop Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles at SportRx

Are Oakley Goggles Good?

For over 40 years, scientists at Oakley have continuously built, studied, and revamped their motocross goggle technology. Oakley dirt bike goggles combine a lightweight and flexible O-Matter™ frame to keep you comfortable while you ride, and layered face foam to wick away sweat so you can avoid those itches you can't safely scratch while riding. They even come ready with anti-fog treatments.

PRIZM MX Goggle Lens

It doesn’t stop there. Not only are Oakley MX goggles great for comfort, they also keep you safe by helping you avoid circumstances of visual distortion. When you’re on a fast-sweeping turn or riding up to a table top, having anything but precise vision can become very dangerous. Oakley motorcycle goggles enhance your riding experience with Oakley PRIZM™ MX! These lenses are designed to enhance your ability to see subtle changes in dirt, giving you the ability to make the right decisions and determine whether you nail the perfect inside line or wipe out.

Prescription Goggle Insert

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our prescription wearers. If you’re fed up with wearing glasses under your goggles, we get you. Fogged lenses, constant readjusting, pressure points from temples. Thankfully, OTG goggles have become a thing of the past with SportRx prescription inserts. Prescription MX goggle inserts take your favorite Oakley riding goggles and turn them into Oakley Prescription MX goggles! SportRx's optical experts craft custom prescription lens inserts for optical clarity while you take on the trails. They even qualify as FSA eligible expenses and HSA eligible expenses. Want to learn more about our prescription goggle lens inserts? Check out our blog, OTG Goggles: A Thing of the Past.

Can You Change the Strap on Oakley Goggles?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the strap on Oakley goggles. However, with an Oakley MX goggle purchase, you are guaranteed from defects in workmanship and manufacturer materials with a limited time warranty. For warranty details, feel free to call SportRx! We have certified opticians available 7 days a week just waiting to answer questions and give you free advice. Purchases with SportRx are also always risk-free. Thanks to our See Better Guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied with your Oakley motocross goggles or goggle insert, you are never stuck with them. Just send them back within 45 days of purchase and we will happily make you a new pair or give you a full refund. Returning your item? It's on us with free shipping.

Best Oakley MX Goggles

If you’ve been riding for a while, you may have learned the hard way that it is better to turn your MX goggles to face the back than it is to have them sit right under your eyes when trying to get a goggle-free view. No one wants a breath-fogged lens. With the goggle frame padding on these upcoming goggles, you can turn them to face the back without fear of ruining your lenses. They all also provide 100% UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from harmful sun rays.

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle

Oakley MX Goggle - Oakley Airbrake in Eli Tomac Camo Army Blue with Prizm MX Jade lens

Oakley Airbrake in Eli Tomac Camo Army Blue with Prizm MX Jade lens

Shop Oakley Airbrake

Oakley Front Line MX Goggle

Oakley MX Goggle - Oakley Front Line in Factory Pilot White with Prizm MX Sapphire Iridium lens

Oakley Front Line in Factory Pilot White with Prizm MX Sapphire Iridium lens

Shop Oakley Front Line

Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro

Oakley MX Goggle - Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro in Matte Black with Clear lens

Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro in Matte Black with Clear lens

Shop Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro

Need a smaller size? Also Available in the Oakley O-Frame 2.0 XS Pro!

Shop Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles at SportRx

Ditch risky online shopping with the SportRx See Better Guarantee™. Try your goggles for 45 days and if you’re not satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get your pair of Oakley dirt bike goggles at SportRx today!

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