Your eyeglasses fogging up on the inside of your goggles in the middle of a shred session or triple jump kills the moment. Going over the glasses (OTG) has zero advantages. We have a better idea: prescription goggle inserts designed to fit inside your goggles. Discover the experience of goggle inserts and ditch old-school OTG forever.

Prescription Goggle Inserts vs Over-the-Glasses Goggles

Eyeglasses tend to fog because they sit closer to the face. The body generates enough heat to mess with the temperature around your lenses, causing fogging. Most eyeglasses don’t come with an anti-fog coating to help delay the onset of fog, but even a great anti-fog won’t prevent your glasses from being a visual obstruction.

Compare that to a prescription goggle insert. Inserts sit flush against the goggle shield, farther away from your face with all the benefits that come with it. Better venting, air circulation, and temperature regulation. When you order a custom goggle insert from SportRx, we recommend opting for our anti-fog coating to maximize you time living life instead of cooling down.

Going OTG also has another huge disadvantage, comfort. The goggles will press down on your glasses, causing unwanted pressure and possibly a headache. Extreme sports require your undivided attention and concentration. This isn’t just about performing better, this is about safety. One distraction can spell disaster.

Prescription goggle inserts are much safer because they nest within the goggle and not on your face. Even if you have a bad fall, the insert will stay safe within the goggle, so you can get back up and continue your run.

Prescription Inserts for Snow Goggles

Prescription Inserts for Snow Goggles at SportRx

How Prescription Goggle Inserts Work

SportRx has created a variety of shapes and sizes of prescription goggle inserts to fit almost any goggle on the market. We take your prescription and produce custom lenses to outfit our inserts. When they arrive at your doorstep, the prescription insert snaps right into your goggles securely, holding your prescription in optical align. The prescription goggle insert is semi-hidden behind a lighter goggle lens, and it is fully hidden behind mirrored goggle lenses.

Check out our How-To Put in Your Prescription Goggle Inserts guide for video with step by step instructions.

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These nifty little inserts snap snugly inside your goggles

Get Prescription Goggle Inserts at SportRx

If this is your first time trying out prescription goggle inserts, forget about the risk. When you shop SportRx, you’re backed by the See Better Guarantee. Take 45 days with your new prescription inserts. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your experience, send them back and get a full refund or an exchange. We’ll even remake your lenses if something goes wrong. Get out there and start seeing the world the way it was meant to be with prescription motocross goggles and prescription ski goggles & snowboarding goggles today!

Have questions about these awesome prescription goggle inserts? Contact Us to speak with one of our in-house opticians who can answer them all and help you complete your order.