Prescription Goggle Inserts. Innovation at its finest.

Nothing says comfort quite like eyeglasses fogging up and moving around inside your goggles while you're trying to shred the slopes or hit the triple jump. We're kidding. We have a better idea: Prescription Goggle Inserts.

Prescription Goggle Inserts vs. Over-the-Glasses Goggles

- Eyeglasses fog up much easier because they don’t have an anti-fog coating. They also rest much closer to your face, which is where heat is coming from, further enhancing fog

- A prescription goggle insert is treated with an anti-fog coating. The goggle insert also sits further away from the face and closer to the shield where the venting takes place

- Prescription goggle inserts are much more comfortable than eyeglasses, and you no longer have to deal with the temple pressure from glasses

- Prescription goggle inserts are much safer, and you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing your everyday eyeglasses after a big spill

Prescription Goggle Inserts, Spy Platoon Snow Goggle, Spy Prescription Ski Goggles and Snowboarding Goggles Spy Platoon snow goggle with prescription goggle insert

How Prescription Goggle Inserts Work:

- SportRx has created a a variety of shapes and sizes of prescription goggle inserts to fit virtually any goggle on the market

- Your prescription goes into the goggle insert, and is treated with an anti-fog coating

- The prescription insert is fitted securely inside the goggle, holding your prescription in place and optically aligned

- The prescription goggle insert is semi-hidden behind a lighter goggle lens, and it is fully hidden behind goggle lenses that are mirrored

Prescription goggle inserts, Prescription ski goggle inserts, Motocross prescription goggle inserts, MX prescription goggle inserts These nifty little inserts snap snugly inside your goggles

Spy Platoon Prescription Snow Goggles

Prescription Goggle Inserts, Spy Whip Prescription Motocross Goggle, Spy Whip Prescription MX Goggles Spy Whip MX Goggle

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