A Guide to Snowboard Shredding

1. Find Your Foot
2. Hit the Gym
3. Learn to Fall
4. Learn to Skate
5. Learn Edge Control
6. Wear the Right Gear

As winter rolls in and the weather begins to change, so do the sports. Snowboarding is a staple for the colder seasons so if you're an athlete looking to hit the slopes this winter, let's start with this guide to snowboard shredding.

The Basics

Snowboarding takes skills but just like with any other sport, the proper preparation and teaching can make you a master. Many people teach themselves how to snowboard and can get frustrated fairly quickly. This is because you'll want to do some workouts and learn more about your style of riding beforehand.

Before Hitting the Slopes

Find Your Foot

You'll want to work out whether you ride goofy or regular. This refers to the foot you prefer to have as your front and back foot. A good way to figure this out is by thinking about which foot you would use to kick a soccer ball. This will usually be your back foot on the snowboard. Those who ride with their left foot forward are regular-footed. Those who right foot forward are goofy. For more on this, check out this blog.

Hit the Gym

Though snowboarding is a fun winter activity, it's definitely a workout as well. It's smart to do some strength training before you go. Legs and core are the major areas you'll want to strengthen. And even a bit of your arms too, because let's be honest, you're going to fall a few times and getting back up isn't always all that easy. Use these exercises in circuits to build some snowboarding ready legs.

Learn to Fall

While this may seem silly you'll want to learn how to fall properly. No matter your level of expertise in snowboarding, everyone falls down. When you fall. try to avoid putting your hands out to break your drop. This will result in a broken wrist. Instead, aim to have your hands close to your body and crossed over your chest. You'll be wearing proper safety clothes to ensure that everything else is safe on the way down.

Learn to Skate

This does not refer to skateboarding. Though that is another great way to get your baring on the snowboard. Instead, though, skate means to skate through the flat parts of the mountain. When you're on a flat area like when you're heading to and from the ski lift you'll need to unstrap one foot from your binding to skate along the snow. Always take your back foot out and its a simple motion of pushing your hips forward to go in the direction you wish.

Learn Edge Control

When turning and cutting on the hills you'll want to learn how to hold on the edge of the board for sharper turns. Dig your heels into the snow with your body facing downhill. You'll ease your weight off your heel edge and press down with your toes to maintain balance. This will move the board downhill. To stop, press the weight back into your heels.

Wear the Right Gear

Mainly due to reason 3, you'll want to make sure you wear the right equipment to protect you for when you take a tumble. A helmet is the first essential piece. Wrist guards can be a good choice too. And of course, goggles. Check out all our Snowboard Goggles and find the right pair for snowboard shredding.

Lastly, ENJOY snowboard shredding! Both the slopes and this fun fact about snowboarding. Snowboarding was invented in the 1960s and was called snurfing.

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