If you're thinking about snowboarding for the first time, one of the most important basics to learn is proper snowboard stance. This is the first step before strapping on the board, but how do you determine which foot forward? Sunglass Rob from SportRx and Snowboard Pro Camp’s Kevin and TJ make discovering your snowboard stance easy.

Snowboarders, skateboarders, and surfers all ride the board with their body facing to one side. Which side is determined by which foot is forward. If the left foot is forward, that’s “Regular". If the right foot is forward, that’s “Goofy".

There are a couple of easy test that that will help determine your snowboard stance.

The Push Test

The idea is to have a friend push from behind and see which foot you put forward to stabilize. This is a quick way to see your natural response. The push should be just enough to put you off balance and you will naturally land on the leading foot. Landing on the left foot determines a regular stance and the right determines a goofy stance. Do the push test a couple of times to see which foot you consistently use.

The Slide Test

This test is to see which foot you naturally put forward while sliding across a slick surface. Try this at home in socks on a solid surface, or on the snow with boots. It’s quick, simple, and accurate.

  1. Find an area with 8 feet of room to slide forward.
  2. Make sure there are no obstacles to the side of the slide path incase you lose your balance.
  3. Get a running start with a few steps then land both feet at the same time facing sideways.
  4. Try both stances, left foot forward compared to right foot forward.

Whichever foot forward kept your balance and stability determines the stance. If it’s left foot forward that would be regular, and right foot forward is goofy. These easy tests will get you up and running with the proper stance in just a few minutes.

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