List of Soccer Gear You Need To Kick A$$

One nice thing about soccer is the fact that it doesn’t require much. Unlike other sports where you have to sell your house to buy all the equipment. The only thing it really requires is a ball and 2 goals. That’s just the bare bones. Once we start getting into soccer leagues, both for fun or professionally, some additional equipment is required, such as shin guards. Here's a list of soccer gear you need if you want to take the sport serious.

List of soccer gear

List of Soccer Gear and Equipment

  • Soccer Ball
  • Cleats
  • Soccer Socks
  • Shin Guards
  • Apparel: Shorts + Jersey
  • Gloves (Goalie)
  • Water Bottle


What’s the most popular sport in the world?

BOOM! You guessed it! Soccer! Football is still the most popular in America, however that is definitely changing with the US women’s team winning the World Cup this year for a second time in a row! Whoa! That also makes it the 4th World Cup win for the team overall. Achievements like this help boost the sports popularity immensely and gives kids players like Alex Morgan to look up to and idolize. With kids and more adults gaining interest in the sport, it’s probably a good idea to get your soccer gear in order.


Soccer Ball

Soccer balls come in three different sizes- 3, 4, and 5. Check with your coach or the league on what size ball is used. Most coaches should provide balls, but it’s always good to have your own to practice with. Professional athletes use a 5.



This is probably the most expensive piece of equipment that you need, but also the most important. Soccer cleats are specifically designed to help players with traction on grass or turf fields. They also provide protection from being stepped on as well as for striking the ball. Deciding factors also come into play depending on what type of field you are playing on. Are you playing on real grass, artificial grass, or inside on turf. These days, most of the big show companies are making hybrid shows that can work on both real grass and artificial grass, but if you play on turf you will need to have different shoes. As you get more serious about your game you can also pick a shoe specifically designed for your position on the field.

Soccer Cleats for your list of soccer gear

Soccer Socks

These socks will be long enough to cover the calf and shin guard.


Shin Guards

Have you ever been kicked in the shin? It f-ing hurts! Protect your shins, and get some shin guards. Most leagues also require these to be worn during play. The most important factor is comfort and the ability to move freely in them. Your standard youth shin guard protects the ankle and shin, but they’re are a few different types. Some options include slip on, strap, sleeve, or ankle shin guards.

soccer on a grass field


When it comes to soccer apparel, you want to make sure that you keep your game jersey separate from your practice jersey. For shorts, just make sure the cut is mid thigh. Most running shorts also work well.

Soccer Goggles

If you wear glasses at all and hate contacts, then investing in a quality pair of soccer goggles is a smart decision. Running up and down a field kicking a ball back and forth is not ideal glasses wearing conditions. When shopping for goggles, who want something that fits securely around the head and face wile covering the entire eye socket. Depending on your preference, brands offer a variety of different styles if you find a strap around your head uncomfortable.

best soccer gear

Keeper Gloves

The most important piece of gear for goalies. The power behind these kicks are serious, and without gloves hurt very much. Keeper gloves also provide grip material as well for better performance. Keep in mind that you will also want to keep a pair of practice gloves separate from your game day gloves. Keeper gloves do wear out over time, so you want to be mindful.

Keeper Soccer Gloves List of soccer gear

Water bottle!

Depending on your position and amount of playing time, the average soccer player in a single game runs around 7 miles. Bring water! HYDRATE! Don't forget to add this to your list of soccer gear.

Time Hit The Field

Now that you have all your gear ready to go, it's time to get work and practice that ball control. You can also check out this other blog on beginner tips for starting out.