From raging white water rapids to the middle of the ocean, water exists in a variety of environments. Having proper eyewear on or around water will protect your eyes and enhance your visual experience. The amount of light exposure, water depth, and surroundings are all very different depending on your location. In developing a water-specific PRIZM lens, Oakley engineers saw a need to have two separate lenses to cover all of the water conditions that exist in nature. In this video Sunglass Rob and Oakley Representative, Nick Farnham, take a closer look at what make Oakley PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized lenses a must-have.

Oakley PRIZM Shallow Water is ideal for inland water features such as streams, rivers, and lakes. Spotting fish and seeing below the surface of shallow water has never been easier. Oakley HDPolarized lenses with PRIZM lens technology give you an almost unfair advantage over your catch.

PRIZM Shallow Water Benefits:

  • Contrast: Oakley engineers identified the important colors in shallow water environments and developed a specific dye to filter out the distracting colors and boost the green and copper hues. This in turn makes it easier to see the hiding spots of fish. PRIZM Shallow Water will also keep the whites bright so you can spot the flash of fish, making them easier to track. The boost in contrast is also key in seeing shadow movement below the surface of the water. The improved contrast you get from these lenses will give you the upper hand over your next catch.


  • Protection: PRIZM Shallow Water lenses come standard with Oakley’s patented HDPolarized lens technology for maximum protection and glare reduction. HDPolarized lenses are made through an infusion molding process which creates a single layered lens for the most optically pure image. Many competitor polarized lenses use glue to attach additional layers to the lens which diminish clarity and distort images.


  • HD Polarized: A single pair of Oakley polarized lenses are manufactured at the same to ensure that the axis of polarization is centered the same across both lenses. This guarantees maximum glare protection by shutting out glare. Other brands polarized lenses are manufactured at different times with no guarantee that the axis of polarization is matched up. This lets more glare through the lens, causing headaches and eye fatigue. The PRIZM Shallow Water lens also features an iridium mirror to further help protect your eyes by reflecting light away from the lens.
split shot shallow water

Oakley Split Shot in Polished Black with PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized

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Activities: In-shore fishing and boating

Conditions: Medium to Bright Light

Protection: 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC

Available in prescription: Not yet, but PRIZM Deep Water is available in rx.

Polarized: Yes

Base Color: Rose/Copper

VLT: 16-26%

*VLT(visible light transmission)- measurement of the amount of light that passes through a lens to your eyes. A lighter lens will have a higher VLT because more light is traveling through the lens.

What is PRIZM?

Oakley introduced PRIZM lens technology to enhance the contrast in specific environments. It works by filtering out the noisy colors while simultaneously boosting the colors that your eye is most sensitive to. Being able to pick up on the key light peaks in an environment gives you the benefit of seeing the details that your eyes would not normally be able to pick up on. This will improve performance by helping you spot what you need to see so you can react more quickly. PRIZM technology also enhances the overall visual experience by making everything appear more vibrant and defined.

Oakley has you covered for all of your open water adventures too! PRIZM Deep Water lenses are specifically designed for deep sea conditions and are built differently than the shallow water to give you the most contrast possible. We even have a comparison of PRIM Deep Water and PRIZM Shallow Water for you to check out. There is a PRIZM lens for you, no matter the environment.

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