Tapping into a nearly untouched market, the innovators at Oakley took it upon themselves to create pro-quality eyewear for the active youth. Reinventing the science of fit, Oakley carried over the already-perfect frame aesthetics and performance-driven quality to fit the smaller faces of young athletes. The all-new Oakley Youth Collection blends protection, durability, comfort and style features to provide unbeatable eyewear for the young all-stars. Help your kiddo take advantage of the same Oakley quality that you enjoy with a pair of specs from the new Oakley Youth Sun + Rx Collection.

The Oakley Youth Collection is so great that we thought it deserved some extra attention. Sunglass Rob, Tyler, and Oakley Rep, Nick, take a closer look at the collection in the video below.

Since not every bit of information was covered on each frame in the video, we have some more knowledge to drop on you below!

Oakley Radar EV XS

oakley-radar-ev-xs-kids-sunglasses-featured-in-matte-uranium, Oakley Youth Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV XS Kids Sunglasses featured in Matte Uranium

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A milestone in the heritage of Oakley sport performance is now available for the little all-stars of today’s generation. After sizing down a revolutionary frame to fit young faces, more can now reap the benefits of protection and extended field of view. Your athlete is bound to step his game up when wearing a pair of Oakley Radar EV XS sunglasses out on the field.

Frame Measurements:

  • Lens width: 131mm
  • Lens Height: 46mm
  • Temple: 122mm


Oakley Turbine XS

oakley-turbine-xs-kids-sunglasses-featured-in-black-ink, Oakley Youth Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley Turbine XS Kids Sunglasses featured in Black Ink

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This member of Oakley Youth Collection is perfectly engineered for performance and an active lifestyle, so much, that it would make a sport frame jealous. Oakley shrunk down a coveted adult lifestyle frame to deliver the same perfection to the youth in the form of the all-new Oakley Turbine XS sunglasses.

Frame Measurements:

  • Lens width: 57mm
  • Lens Height: 39mm
  • Nosebridge: 15mm
  • Temple: 128mm


Oakley Shifter XS

Oakley Shifter XS

Oakley Shifter XS in Aurora Blue

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A proud member of the first Oakley Youth Collection, the Oakley Shifter XS makes a name for itself as a socially cool pair of kids prescription glasses. The proven benefits of adult frames come to life in the material makeup and the beautifully contoured aesthetics of this frame. Style your kid out with a pair of Oakley Shifter XS glasses, bound to provide optical clarity at all hours of the day.

Frame Measurements:

  • Lens width: 49, 51mm
  • Lens Height: 30, 31mm
  • Nosebridge: 14mm
  • Temple: 122mm


Oakley Barspin XS

Oakley Barspin xs

Oakley Barspin XS in Matte Black

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Inspired by the magnificent architecture of BMX bikes, Oakley Barspin XS are some of the most astonishing kids glasses currently on the market. Subtle details and clean lines accentuate these new Oakleys in remarkable ways. Give your child the look of cool sophistication with a pair of Oakley Barspin XS prescription glasses.

Frame Measurements:

  • Lens width: 47, 49mmm
  • Lens Height: 27, 28mm
  • Nosebridge: 14, 15mm
  • Temple: 130mm


Oakley Crosslink XS

crosslink XS

Oakley Crosslink XS in Satin Navy

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The birth of the Oakley Crosslink XS came about when Oakley decided to size down one of the most popular, functional frames to fit the faces of the youth. Putting a sporty edge on lifestyle, this durable, cross-functional frame effortlessly takes on the daily activities of the youth today. Earning a proud place in the all-new Oakley Youth Rx Collection, the Oakley Crosslink XS is bound to fulfill all your child’s vision and sports needs.

Frame Measurements:

  • Lens width: 49, 51mm
  • Lens Height: 30, 32mm
  • Nosebridge: 14, 15mm
  • Temple: 122mm


Oakley Youth Prescription Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The new Oakley Youth Sun + Rx Collection compiles the best quality and frame designs to ever hit the market for kid’s eyewear. If you’re on the hunt for new kids prescription glasses, we’re your one-stop shop and the Oakley Youth Collection is bound to fulfill all your needs! Questions about Oakley Youth Rx glasses or sunglasses? Give our team of friendly opticians a call! We’re here to help, 7 days a week.