Looking for some Oakley promo codes to use towards your next purchase? No matter the season, SportRx always has your back when it comes to saving some extra cash to use on your next adventure! Check out below for some of our top Oakley Store products for men, women, and kids, and don’t forget to use a current promo code towards your new pair of Oakley’s today.

Oakley Promo Codes

  • HOLIDAY60 for $60 off Prescription orders $300+
  • YOUTH30 for $30 off kids prescription orders $250+
  • BOGO40 for 40% off 2nd pair of prescription eyewear
  • EYEGLASSES75 for $75 off prescription eyeglasses

Here are some recommendations for Oakley Snow Goggles, Prescription Eyeglasses and Everyday Sunglasses.

1. Oakley Snow Goggles
2. Oakley Rx Eyeglasses
3. Oakley Everyday Sunglasses

Oakley Snow Goggles

Use Oakley Promo Codes HOLIDAY60, YOUTH30


Oakley Snow Goggles for Men

Use Oakley Promo Codes on this Oakley Snow Goggles Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggle in Factory Pilot Blackout Frame with PRIZM Jade

Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggle in Factory Pilot Blackout with PRIZM Jade Lens

Shop for Oakley/SportRx Exclusive Flight Deck L

First on our list, this Oakley snow goggle gives an exclusive SportRx twist to the original Flight Deck XM, giving you a max field of view. Its one-of-a-kind strap with a hidden dot-dash pattern that is interwoven and raised provides a truly custom look and feel. The interior of the strap keeps the goggles in place and secured with its lined, silicone grip. Most importantly, these goggles enhance contrast in all weather conditions making color pop with Oakley Prizm Jade lenses.


Oakley Snow Goggles for Women

Use Oakley Promo Codes with OAKLEY FALL LINE M SNOW GOGGLE in Matte Black frame with Prizm Hi Pink Iridium

Oakley Fall line M Snow Goggle in Matte Black - Prizm Hi Pink Iridium Lens

Shop for Oakley Fall Line M

Next up, the Oakley Fall Line was inspired by the Line Miner and is one of our top sellers. This goggle, however, gives you a larger field of view vertically and horizontally with its completely rimless shield. The Fall Line is helmet compatible and includes an Oakley silicone-lined strap that is fully adjustable for all head sizes. It also comes standard with the PRIZM Snow Lens Technology that will enhance your vision while riding the slopes no matter what your environment is.


Oakley Snow Goggles for Kids

Use Oakley Promo Codes on this Oakley Snow Goggles OAKLEY FLIGHT TRACKER S SNOW GOGGLE with PRIZM DARK GREY lenses

Oakley Flight Tracker S in Dark Brush Mustard Frame and Prizm Dark Grey Lens

Shop for Oakley Flight Tracker S

Last on our list for Oakley Snow goggles, the Oakley Flight Tracker S was inspired by the Oakley Canopy which gives an oversized, full-frame toric appearance. The toric lens is a combination of both spherical and cylindrical shapes to give you better optics. Making it easy to match your style, there are multiple Oakley Prizm lens color options. The Flight Tracker S also prevents cold air from sneaking in and addresses the needs of individuals with a flatter nose bridge, coming standard with an extra foam padding around the nose bridge.


Need a prescription for your goggles? All of our Oakley goggles are now available with custom prescription inserts. This means no more dry eyes from contacts or trying to jam your eyeglasses underneath your goggle! With this Prescription Snow Goggle Insert you get maximum clarity to make the most of your time on the slopes.

Oakley Rx Eyeglasses

Use Oakley Promo Codes HOLIDAY60, EYEGLASSES75, BOGO40, or YOUTH30


Oakley Rx Eyeglasses for Men

Oakley RX Eyeglasses OAKLEY HOLBROOK RX Prescription

Oakley Holbrook RX in Matte Black with Chrome

Shop for Oakley Holbrook RX

First on our list of Oakley eyeglasses, the Oakley Holbrook RX is a spin off the famously classic sunglasses that continue to perform under all circumstances. These Oakley glasses are made of stress-resistant O-Matter along with the addition of Ace fit temples, and a three-point fit, to assure a secure fit around your head. Still unsure if these frames will fit your face? You’re in luck because these frames come in a 54 and 56 lens width to fit M-L size heads. For those with smaller faces, it also comes in an XS version with a 53 lens width.


Oakley Rx Eyeglasses for Women

Use Oakley Promo Codes on this Oakley RX Eyeglasses Oakley Leadline RX in Prescription

Oakley Leadlin Rx in Satin Brown Tortoise frame

Shop for Oakley Leadline RX

Next up, the Oakley Leadline RX was inspired by active women. This frame offers maximum durability and comfort with Oakley’s proprietary O-matter material, and it’s slip free nose pads made from Oakley’s famous Unobtainium. It’s sport versatility plus fashionable shape and design make this the perfect frame for business, leisure, or active lifestyles. This frame comes in a 52 or 54 lens width to give you the best fit possible.


Oakley Rx Eyeglasses for Kids

Oakley Round Off in Polished Clear frame in Prescription

Oakley Round Off in Polished Clear frame

Shop for Oakley Round Off

Last up for Oakley eyeglasses, the Oakley Round Off RX has a flattering and trendy round lens perfect for those little ones who are fashionable and sporty. The O-Matter material provides all day comfort while the adjustable Ace fit temples give a personally tailored feel. The molded nose pads are perfect for underdeveloped nose bridges allowing wearers to grow into the look.

Oakley Everyday Sunglasses

Use Oakley Promo Codes HOLIDAY60, BOGO40, or YOUTH30


Oakley Sunglasses for Men

Oakley Everyday Sunglasses Oakley Ojector with Prizm Tungsten Polarized lenses

Oakley Ojector in Matte Brown Tortoise frame with Prizm Tungsten Polarized lenses

Shop for Oakley Ojector

First on our list of recommended sunglasses is our sunglass pick for men. The Oakley Ojector is an extension of the Ahyris collection, which is inspired by the shape of the human iris. This frame features a single design element connecting every part of the frame together. The round silhouette gives an exquisite look, while the O Matter frame material makes them sturdy for any daily task at hand. This fashionable one-of-a-kind frame along with the Prizm lens technology makes the Ojector one of the top Oakley sunglasses.


Oakley Sunglasses for Women

Use Oakley Promo Code with Oakley Pitchman R in a Polished Clear Frame with Prizm Black Lenses

Oakley Pitchman R in a Polished Clear Frame with Prizm Black Lenses

Shop for Oakley Pitchman R

Second on our sunglasses list, the Oakley Pitchman R is the perfect women’s everyday sunglass. It is fashionable for any occasion with its trendy keyhole nose bridge and round lenses. It provides all day comfort for your next adventure with its lightweight and durable frame front material made from Oakley’s O Matter, which is combined with stainless steel temples wrapped in Unobtainium. Get your hands on one of the best Oakley women's sunglasses today at SportRx.


Oakley Sunglasses for Kids

Oakley Everyday Sunglasses Oakley Frogskins XS with Prizm Rose Gold lenses

Oakley Frogskins XS in Matte Black frame with Prizm Rose Gold Lenses

Shop for Oakley Frogskins XS

Wrapping up our list of recommended Oakley sunglasses, the Oakley Frogskins XS has all the amazing classic features of the original, just in a smaller fit. Designed with the iconic silhouette and made from lightweight and reliable O Matter, this frame can handle the everyday lifestyle of a kid. The three-point Ace Fit system provides optical precision giving optimal coverage in all the right places. This frame is every kid’s dream sunglasses, stamped with the throwback logo on both temples.

Oakley Prescription Eyewear at SportRx

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