The constantly evolving world of cycling gear has taken another step. The Speedcraft Air cycling sunglasses from 100% show their effort for giving you the best ride possible. New nasal dilators gives you breathing room for a comfortable ride. These adjustable dilators increase the amount of airflow through the nasal passage. Continue on for an in-depth look at the Speedcraft Air.

Speedcraft Air Features

In order to fully maximize your biking/running potential, you have to use every advantage at your disposal. These cycling sunglasses are durable, secure, and perfect for all situations. The latest 100% technology turns breathing better an advantage other sunglasses have never attempted before.

Nasal Dilators are designed for creating a larger airway. Magnets are placed on the nose piece designed to interact with the nose strips that come with the frame.

These 100% frames come with 20 nose strips that have metal inside. The magnetic attraction widens the nose for increasing the amount of air intake. Inhaling through the nose gathers more air than through the mouth. The glasses combined with the advanced nasal dilators are pivotal for upping your performance.

100% Speedcraft Air in Soft Tact Black with HiPER Red Mirror Lens

Frame Dimensions

  • Size: Fits LG/XL
  • Temple: 120mm
  • Lens Width: 125mm
  • Lens Height: 45mm

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Are you a biker, runner, or an all-around athlete? If so, you need to have these sunglasses. The Speedcraft Air's dependability mixed with its cutting-edge technology combines into an amazing pair of shades. If you're still not quite sure about the Speedcraft Air check out other 100% offerings.

And when you shop, shop SportRx. What makes us so unique in this industry is our customer service. Every order is handled by a team of certified opticians, so you get the best support as we build your order. So check us out or Contact Us for 7 days-a-week assistance. We also have more information on what to look for when buying cycling sunglasses.

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