When they're giving their best out on the field, set them up for success with the proper eyewear. Youth softball sunglasses are made for kids who love to play and for parents who understand what they need to up their game. To track the ball, spot the next play, and protect from the elements, clear vision is essential.

Join SportRx as we breakdown what makes a good kids' softball sunglasses frame and how these features give them the competitive advantage. They'll achieve an undistracted game with clear vision and you'll have the confidence that their eyes are protected. In our playbook, we call that a win-win!

What to Look for in Youth Softball Sunglasses

1. Frame Technology
1.1. Grip
1.2. Coverage
1.3. Fit
2. Lens Technology
2.1. Color
2.2. Contrast Enhancement
2.3. Interchangeable Lenses
2.4. Transition Lenses
2.5. To polarize or not to polarize?
3. Best Kids' Softball Sunglasses
4. Kids' Prescription Softball Sunglasses

Eyeglass Tyler covers everything you need to know when buying youth softball sunglasses. Watch below or keep reading to learn more!

Frame Technology

When selecting softball sunglasses for kids, it's essential for the frame to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. In addition to these general guidelines, it is important to consider three main factors: grip, coverage, and fit. A balanced combination of the three will ensure a frame that stays in place, protects their vision, and works with their gear. Let's take a look at each factor to see how they influence your kiddo's game.


A common feature on sport frames, grip is essential to keeping the frame in place. Rubber nose pads and temples provide a secure fit that doesn't budge no matter how much you move. A key feature when they're extending for the catch, dashing to 3rd base, or sliding to the home plate.


Keep them covered from all sides with a wrapped frame. Providing maximum coverage and unobstructed peripheral vision, your child will see every corner of the field or any surprise fly balls.

A wrapped frame also excels at keeping dust and debris at bay. Don't let irritants make or break their game. A youth frame with sports wrap will keep their eyes protected from all angles.


Fit is particularly important in youth softball for helmet and face mask compatibility. Straight temples allow for a seamless fit under their protective gear without providing discomfort. No more pressure points, uncomfortable squeezing, or headaches. They'll receive a perfect fit that is so comfortable, they'll forget they're even wearing sunglasses.

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Lens Technology

While frame technology excels at providing protection and comfort, lens technology brings the A-game to their vision. Impact-resistance is a must so you can immediatley omit sunglasses with glass lenses. In this section, we'll review all the lens options and how to pick the best for your child and their environment.


For softball games, a rose, copper, or brown lens improves color visibility and depth perception. The rose brings out the green of the field and provides extra clarity for the details.

Conversely, we recommend staying away from gray-based lenses. What works during an off-day doesn't play as nice out on the field. Gray darkens colors and does not provide the level of contrast needed.

Contrast Enhancement

Contrast-enhancing lenses bring more details to the shadows and light areas of the field. This aids your athlete in differentiating textures and helps fine-tune their tracking of the ball.

One of our favorites? Oakley PRIZM Field. This rose-based lens was designed specifically to enhance performance out on softball and baseball fields. It boosts contrast and colors to make for easier ball-tracking against the varying textures of the field. Not to mention, these lenses look so cool, your champion-in-training will want to wear them!

Interchangeable Lenses

If your child's games and practices come at all hours of the day, chances are you're going to need different levels of tints appropriate to the amount (or lack thereof) of sunlight. An easy way to combat the need for multiple frames is to select one that has an interchangeable lens system. These sunglasses make swapping lenses a breeze, so they can easily change the amount of tint depending on their needs.

Here are a few lens ideas to get you started: clear lenses or light amber tint for night games and the above-mentioned rose or copper for day games.

Transition Lenses

For the best of both worlds, transition lenses provide a no-fuss means of always having the perfect level of tint. No lens changing required. Transition lenses react to UV exposure and darken, or lighten accordingly. What does this mean for your athlete? Their youth softball sunglasses will always give them the perfect amount of coverage with no effort on their part.

To polarize or not to polarize?

One of the most common softball questions we receive is, "Should I get polarized lenses?"

Short answer: no. Polarized lenses reduce glare that is created from light bouncing off reflective objects. While we sing its praises for doing just that, this benefit is considered a risk during the softball game. Polarization is known for distorting depth perception, which is problematic for your softball player. Best recommendation? Do not get youth softball sunglasses with polarization.

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Best Kids' Softball Sunglasses

Oakley Flak XS

A kids-friendly version of the fan-favorite Oakley Flak 2.0. A smaller version of the original, the Oakley Flak XS provides the same high-performance features in this versatile frame. Extra grip, generous coverage, and a perfect fit, these Oakley youth softball sunglasses have it all.

youth softball sunglasses oakley flak xs in polished black with rose copper lenses

Oakley Flak XS in Polished Black with PRIZM Field Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak XS

Key Oakley Flak XS Features:

  • A semi-rimless frame made from Oakley’s lightweight and durable O-Matter material
  • Unobtainium straight-back temples work under helmets and provide extra grip.
  • Wrapped Plutonite lenses are impact-resistant, provide optimal coverage, and unobstructed peripheral vision.
  • Interchangeable lens system available with Oakley PRIZM lens technology!

Rudy Project Rydon Slim

A scaled-down version of the best-selling Rudy Project Rydon, this Slim version perfectly accommodates small faces and children. Featuring a lightweight acetate frame that is durable and flexible, these sunglasses are ultra-comfortable to wear. Impact-resistant lenses will keep your child protected and are easily interchanged!

youth softball sunglasses rudy project rydon slim frame

Rudy Project Rydon Slim in Frozen Ash with Impact X2 Photochromic Lenses

Rudy Project Rydon Slim

Key Rudy Project Rydon Slim Features:

  • Rudy Project Impact X2 lenses are extremely resilient and interchangeable.
  • Straight temples with rubber grip stay in place and comfortable under a helmet.
  • Adjustable rubberized nose pads provide a secure and perfect fit.

To see even more picks, visit our lineup of the Best Kids' Softball Sunglasses!

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