Wiley X has signature frames that have been exceptionally successful over the years. The Brick sunglasses is one of those reliable frames. Part of the Climate Control Series with plenty of cool features, the Wiley X Brick does not fall short of expectations. Learn more about these classic Wiley X safety sunglasses with our review below.

Wiley X Brick Features

One of the most popular frames among the Climate Control Series, the Wiley X Brick is a medium-sized frame with rubber temples to make sure that perfect fit even when you're on the go. These frames come with a removable, vented foam gasket, so the lenses will not fog. On top of that, you can ride your motorcycle with pure comfort and 10 seconds later, remove the foam gasket and find yourself wearing a normal pair of sunglasses. The Brick is ANSI certified and available in prescription too. The temples have T-Peg holes for the elastic strap to tighten the frame to the face, essentially turning the Wiley X Brick into goggles. Above all, this pair is such a keystone piece to Wiley X because of its extreme versatility and durability.

Wiley X Brick

Wiley X Brick sunglasses

Wiley X Brick in Matte Black with Grey Lenses

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Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Width: 63mm
  • Lens Height: 39mm
  • DBL (Distance Between Lenses): 18mm
  • Temple to Temple Width: 135mm
  • Temple Length: 120mm

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