Wiley X has set the benchmark for the perfect combination of style, safety and function with their collections of safety rated glasses. Wiley X 2016 glasses will surpass any expectations you have about cool safety glasses and sunglasses. With four collections and endless frame options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair to compliment your lifestyle and fulfill your every safety and vision needs.

Climate Control Series

Let your adventurous side roll with the Wiley X Climate Control Series. This collection of Wiley X sunglasses is comprised of unbeatable frames that are built to last during all of life’s escapades. Every frame is equipped with removable Facial Cavity Seals with comfortable foam that works to keep dust, debris, pollen, wind, and peripheral sunlight out of your eyes. All sunglasses in the Wiley X Climate Control Series are ANSI Z87.1 stamped, so you can trust these sunglasses will keep your eyes protected at all times. Whether it’s a Sunday motorcycle ride down the highway, or any other outdoor activity, you can be sure to count on any frame from the Willey X Climate Control Series to provide you with long-lasting protection and comfort.

Top Frames from the Wiley X Climate Control Series:

Wiley X Tide Sunglasses

Wiley X Tide Sunglasses, Wiley X Tide Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X 2016 sunglasses

Wiley X Tide sunglasses are a top-selling frame for a number of reasons. These Wiley X sunglasses feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that meet ANSI Z87.1 high velocity and impact standards, polarized lenses to keep harmful glare out of your eyes, scratch-resistant lenses, and a removable Facial Cavity Seal that’ll protect your eyes from the elements. These Wiley X sunglasses are highly Rx-able, so if you need Wiley X prescription sunglasses, turn to the Wiley X Tide Rx sunglasses for distortion-free clarity.

Wiley X Arrow Sunglasses

Wiley X Arrow Sunglasses, Wiley X Arrow Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X 2016 sunglasses

The Wiley X Arrow sunglasses are an exceptional pair for the active man or woman. These Wiley X sunglasses will be sure to keep dirt, dust, debris, and sun out of your eyes at all times with the help of a removable Facial Cavity Seal. The Wiley X Arrow features rubber temple grips for a secure fit, and ANSI Z87.1 safety stamped, polarized, scratch-resistant lenses that ultimately make these sunglasses extremely reliable and durable. If you need a pair of men or women’s prescription sunglasses to accompany your adventurous side, you can’t go wrong with the Wiley X Arrow prescription sunglasses.

Active Lifestyle Series

At the crossroads of fashion and function lives the Wiley X Active Lifestyle Series. Constructed with ANSI Z87.1 safety rated, shatterproof frames and lenses, you can count on every frame in the Wiley X Active Lifestyle collection to protect you throughout all of your day’s activities. Get the best of safety and style with a pair of Wiley X sunglasses from the Active Lifestyle Series.

Top Frames in the Active Lifestyle Series:

Wiley X Hudson Sunglasses

Wiley X Hudson Sunglasses, Wiley X Hudson Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X 2016 Sunglasses

Wiley X Hudson sunglasses have the perfect combination of lifestyle and sport features. These Wiley X sunglasses are bound to look good on just about every face type with its square frame shape and slight wrap. The Wiley X Hudson features rubber temple grips that’ll help maintain a secure fit, and shatterproof, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lenses you can count on. These Wiley X sunglasses are also highly Rx-able. So if you’re looking for a frame that parallels your active lifestyle, the Wiley X Hudson prescription sunglasses just might be the frame for you!

Wiley X Boss Sunglasses

Wiley X Boss Sunglasses, Wiley X Boss Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X 2016 Sunglasses

The Wiley X Boss sunglasses are a highly reliable, great looking pair of wrap-around sunglasses, sure to protect you from the sun’s harshest rays coming at you from all directions. These Wiley X sunglasses feature ANSI Z87.1 rated lenses that are shatterproof and scratch-resistant. You can be sure to trust the Wiley X Boss sunglasses to protect you throughout your daily activities with its unbeatable technology.

Changeable Series

Adjust to the ever-changing conditions of your favorite activities when you wisely choose a pair of Wiley X sunglasses from the Changeable Series. Every pair of Wiley sunglasses in the Changeable collection is OSHA-rated for occupational eye protection and also meets U.S. military ballistic standards for protective combat eyewear. Cater to your favorite environments with the versatile designs of Wiley X Changeable Sunglasses.

Top Frames in the Changeable Series:

Wiley X Romer 3 Sunglasses

Wiley X Romer 3 glasses, Wiley X Romer 3 Prescription glasses, Wiley X 2016 glasses

Wiley X Romer 3 sunglasses are extremely reliable with its number of remarkable features. These Wiley X sunglasses are constructed with T-Shell lens coating that works to resist scratching in extreme environments, Foil Lens Coating that provides exceptional anti-fog protection, and a wrap design that offers maximum peripheral vision. Tailor the Wiley X Romer 3 sunglasses to every environment of your active life with the noteworthy lens changing system. The Wiley X Romer 3 sunglasses are a pair of frames you can count on no matter where life takes you.

Wiley X Valor Sunglasses

Wiley X Valor Sunglasses, Wiley X Valor prescription sunglasses, Wiley X 2016 sunglasses

As another member of the Changeable Series, the Wiley X Valor sunglasses are a fan favorite for many reasons. These Wiley X sunglasses feature a classy, semi-rimless design, constructed with double injected temples and nose bridge for a secure fit, and scratch resistant, shatterproof lenses that just so happen to meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Adjust to the changing environments of your active lifestyle with the Wiley X Valor sunglasses.

WorkSight Series

Fashion, safety and versatility come together in the Wiley X WorkSight collection. Thanks to removable side shields, these Wiley X glasses not only meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards but they also serve as an excellent addition to your wardrobe when you’re no longer in need of safety glasses on the job site. Get your pair of safety glasses and every-day eyeglasses all in one frame when you turn to the Wiley X WorkSight collection.

Top Frames in the WorkSight Series:

Wiley X Contour Safety Glasses

Wiley X Contour Prescription Safety Glasses, Wiley X Contour Safety Glasses, Wiley X 2016 Safety Glasses

Why have a pair of safety glasses and a separate pair of daily eyeglasses, when you can have 2 in 1 with the Wiley X Contour safety glasses. These Wiley X glasses are exceptional for many reasons, but the removable side shields make these glasses top contenders for highly fashionable, cool safety glasses. These Wiley X glasses are constructed with an optical 5 barrel hinge, nylon frame material, and adjustable wire core temple tips, all of which make for a comfortable, durable, customized fit. Get the best of clear vision, protection and style in the ever-so-versatile Wiley X Contour glasses.


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So whether you're on the hunt for a pair of every-day sunglasses, sports glasses, motorcycle sunglasses, or safety glasses for work, Wiley X has you covered with a number of frames to choose from. For a full look at every frame in these series, check out Wiley X sunglasses or Wiley X glasses online at SportRx. If you're in need of a little help in the seeing department, we can help you out! Once we find you the perfect frame, the SportRx opticians will custom-craft Rx lenses for your favorite Wiley X prescription sunglasses or Wiley X prescription safety glasses.