Imagine being out at sea early in the morning. The fog slowly fades away as the sun peaks just above the horizon. You reach into your tackle box, ready to thread a tippet through a hook and begin your day. Then you look down at the hook right in front of your face and realize your prescription sunglasses aren’t enough. Threading a hook and untangling a line become impossible tasks when the small details become hard to see. And by the time you have your line all ready to go, the sun is up high in the sky and gone goes half your day. Ever happen to you? Then check out our list for why you should get bifocal fishing sunglasses.


1. Helps You Battle the Territory

Sunglasses while fishing are a must. The surface of the water reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays right into your eyes. This can cause both short term discomfort and long term damage to the eyes, which can prevent a lifetime of fishing. Fishing sunglasses, especially wrap-around sunglasses, are built with coverage in mind – to shield the eyes from other elements faced out on the water that can cause irritation, such as gusty winds and debris.


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2. Glare is Your Worst Enemy

Not only do sunglasses protect your eye health, but they also up your angler game. It is nearly impossible to see anything when the blinding white light bounces off the waves. Polarized lenses are made to block out sunlight reflected off water or metal to keep the image crisp. They cut through glare and reflections from the water, helping you avoid obstacles under the water and spot more fish below the surface once the bright reflection is reduced.

3. Sunglasses for Distance and Near Correction

Bifocals are just the thing you need if you have trouble seeing close up and far away. Sometimes one prescription isn't enough. Your standard prescription is still useful to see far off into the water where you cast your line, but to see the finer detail work involved in fishing might require a stronger magnification. The split prescription of bifocals fits your needs of looking out on the horizon and baiting your next hook right in front of your eyes.

4. The Options Are Endless

The dual prescription of bifocals is perfect for those who struggle to see near and far. But sometimes those two prescriptions are not enough. Let's say you need correction for distance, intermediate, and near. Or maybe you just don't want that line dividing your regular prescription with the bifocal magnification. Check out progressive lenses for a seamless transition of prescriptions that can hold multiple corrections.

5. Get Rid of Extra Eyewear

Ever have one pair of glasses on your face, another hanging off your shirt collar, and another perched your head? Not to mention the dozen reading glasses lost somewhere in the bottom of your backpack? It’s bifocals to the rescue! Since they are already a part of your sunglasses, you don’t need all these other lenses to get the job done. You won't have to grow a third arm to hold a magnifying glass up to your busy hands or switch out your regular sunglasses with reading glasses every time you want to see what is right in front of your face.

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So tie your knots, bait your hooks, consult all the maps and fishing guidebooks to your heart’s content. Your bifocals are here for you.


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Need help on deciding what pair is right for you? Check out our guide on picking your own pair of bifocal sunglasses for fishing or contact our opticians for an extra helping hand on your bifocal journey. Enjoy your next fishing trip sporting a fresh pair from our Fishing Sunglasses collection.