No matter how you slice it, a strong prescription can mean a limited selection when it comes to choosing your perfect frames. But that doesn't mean you can't find a frame that you love! Stick with us as we cover the relationship between prescription and frame, lens thickness, and some tried and true alternatives.

Wrapped Frames with Prescription

1. The Prescription
2. The Frame
3. Lens Thickness
4. Alternatives

Eyeglass Tyler is at it again—answering all of our burning optical questions. Watch as he tackles whether or not you can choose a wrapped frame with your prescription.

The Prescription

A common problem in the optical world is to have a prescription that is simply too strong for a particular frame. There are several reasons for this, and we have a helpful resource for understanding your prescription to get you started. For example, a strong prescription requires a specific curvature, or lens style, and that lens style may not be compatible with a certain frame.

The other enduring issue is distortion. Even if it's physically possible to fit your prescription into the frame, our SportRx opticians discourage it because of the likelihood that you experience a fishbowl effect. This distortion is uncomfortable and will render your glasses practically unwearable.

The Frame

On the other hand, some frames weren't designed with prescription needs in mind at all, like a shield lens. There are very few cases when a shield lens can accommodate a prescription, and it's not always a perfect solution. Over-sized frames are also incompatible with a prescription because the larger the lens, the more potential there is for distortion. Finally, frames with a bezel design or that don't have a frame around the lens at all will be problematic for prescriptions.

While it's true that many brands are aesthetic-focused, there are still awesome options for prescription-wearers with top brands like Oakley, Maui Jim, and Rudy Project.

Lens Thickness

The strength and type of prescription you have indicates how thick your lens may be in any given spot. To make sense of this, we've created a lens material thickness comparison to illustrate how various lenses differ from one another. This is important when it comes to putting a prescription into a wrapped frame because the frame may not be able to accommodate the excess thickness a particular prescription needs.


When it comes to finding your ideal pair of glasses, our expert opticians take your unique lifestyle and prescription into consideration in order to give you options that meet your every need. So give us a call and we'll unite you with your perfect frames.

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