When it comes to sports, particularly golf, there is no other name that is more famous than Tiger Woods. He is such an iconic figure that people who aren't even fans of golf tune in to watch Tiger every time he competes. Regardless of whether he is on top of his game or struggling, every player in the field is aware of his presence. This a true testament to the icon that is Tiger Woods. Many people aspire to be like him in every way. From the clothes he wears (Sunday Red) to the clubs he uses, everyone wants to be like Tiger. In order to help you become more like Tiger, we have broken down the different clubs that the 14-time major champion has in his bag as of summer 2018. Keep reading to learn more!


Tiger's driver is the TaylorMade 460cc M3 in 8.5 loft. This driver pairs up with Mitsubishi Tensei Orange shaft. TaylorMade's new Hammerhead technology in the M3 creates a new massive sweet spot that enhances ball speed. Also, the driver that Tiger is using has Twist Face technology. It's a revolutionary new face designed to deliver a more corrective face angle. This produces a straighter ball flight and more distance off the tee.

3 Wood

Tiger's 3 Wood is the same as his driver. He uses the TaylorMade M3 in a 15 loft. Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 80TX shaft. He has had this in his bag since the beginning of the year but has been switching it up with his 5 wood and 2 iron, depending on course setups for different tournaments.

Driving Iron (2 Iron)

As of this year, Tiger has had his driving iron re-shafted. He has taken out the Project X PXi 7.0 shaft for a graphite Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 100.

Irons (3-PW)

For his normal Irons, Tiger uses the TaylorMade ‘TW Phase 1’ Prototypes. They come with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts. TaylorMade has made this irons specifically for Tiger, and he seems to be killing it with them.


Tiger has recently acquired two TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges in 56 and 60 lofts. The wedges come with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts. He changes to the same wedges every couple of weeks to maintain the grooves perfect condition.


Tiger has recently ditched his famous Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter. This putter was made famous because he won all but one of his majors using this particular putter. He has thus switched to the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter. Since making the switch, Tiger Woods has improved on the green. From outside 10 feet, he went from 15.87 percent to 23 percent make percentage.


After signing with Bridgestone in 2016, Tiger continues to use their Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball.


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