Skydiving is one of the most extreme things you can do. Reaching the altitude of 13,000 feet is already too great a height (pun intended) for some people, now imagine jumping out of it. For first-timers, skydiving is an exciting new adventure to experience. There are some things you can do to help make the jump a little less daunting. These are our tips to prepare your body, and your mind, before the big jump.


1. Eat a healthy breakfast

You should never skydive on an empty stomach. You should also not skydive with your stomach full of food unless you want to be spewing your guts while you fall through the sky. Skipping breakfast means you will head off with low blood sugar. The jittery feeling you get from the low blood sugar can make you feel more nervous than you actually are and can make you feel queasy. You want to be as comfortable as possible before your jump. Instead of skipping breakfast, go for a moderately sized meal. Try for foods you would eat before running a marathon or if you feel nauseated, like toast or oatmeal with some fruit.

2. Skip the caffeine

We recommend scheduling your jump early in the morning so you do not psych yourself out throughout the day. With that said, don’t use caffeine to wake you up. Caffeine is an easy way to increase your anxiety. Wake up with some stretching or low-intensity movement to get the blood flowing.

3. Snacks!

Like when you play any sport, snacks are important for skydiving. Skydiving will drain you of your energy, combining the long wait and the adrenaline pumping through your system. So bring on some high energy snacks easy to pack in your bag, like crackers with peanut butter or apple slices. You will be thankful after your dive for something to munch on.

4. Catch Some Z’s

The night before your fall, it might seem impossible to sleep. All the nerves and excitement keep you awake. This is very common. Everyone suffers a bit of a sleepless night before their first skydiving trip. However, we highly recommend trying to get some sleep. Not only will it suck to be tired during such a great first-time experience, but feeling tired can quickly lead to nervous or paranoid thinking that you do not want before you skydive. So sleep is very important. Drink some chamomile tea or warm milk. Take a hot shower to cool down your body before you head into bed. If that doesn’t work, play some soft melodies, breathe steadily, and tense and relax your muscles one by one, starting from your toes to your forehead.

5. Stay Hydrated

Choose what you drink carefully. Water, of course, is our number one choice. Water is good for you. In fact, take a sip right now. And take a couple of sips every now and then when you are on the way to your dive. It will give you something to do if you are nervous and will help regulate your blood pressure. With that said, please avoid drinking alcohol before your skydive. The only thing worse than skydiving dehydrated is skydiving with a hangover. Trust us.

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6. Wear the Right Clothes

Dress comfortably, but not too baggy. If your clothes are too baggy, the air will catch and make you feel cold while you are on the plane and when you are falling through the air. And if you are lucky, your shirt and pants could ride up, exposing yourself to the elements and everyone skydiving with you. Some places will offer you a jumpsuit. Wear them. Not only will keep you comfortable, but it will keep your clothes clean from stains when you land. If they do not have it, dress like you are going to the gym. Wear sneakers, layers, and clothes that do not restrict your movement.

7. Warm-up

You would be surprised how much better you will feel by warming up. This will help prepare your body for the fall. Simply getting your body moving will help keep your muscles relaxed during a tense situation. It will keep you from feeling sore afterward. Do some light aerobic exercises like jumping jacks or speed walking. Try some stretches that will loosen your muscles and hold the position for ten seconds.

8. Take a breath

You might think “I’ve been alive for this long. I know how to breathe.” But you would be surprised. Even with something as crucial as breathing, we can forget to do it when we are nervous. So remember to breathe. Take deep breaths to relax. Breathe in through your nose for five seconds, hold your breath for four, and exhale slowly for eight seconds. This will help reduce your stress. If you ever feel that your breathing is becoming fast and erratic, let your instructor know, and they will help you steady your breathing.

9. Capture the moment

Trust us. You do not want to forget to get photographic evidence of your skydive. Not only is it a great memory, but it one of the coolest things you can show your friends. So prepare for photos. Some companies have someone who falls with you and takes a photo. Other places require you to bring your own gear. Bring a Go-Pro or a camera who feel comfortable bringing with you. This would be a camera you can secure to your person just in case your grip slips.

10. Get proper eyewear

There will never be a better view than when you are in the sky. You do not want to miss it. Remember to wear the right frames that will protect your eyes from the wind so you can keep them open. This could either be goggles or glasses that wrap around your face. If you need vision correction, consider getting a pair of prescription goggles or glasses. You will not regret being able to see the view clearly.


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