Oakley Crosslink, Prescription Oakleys

Oakley Crosslink (black satin/sky blue)

The Oakley Crosslink is among the most popular glasses right now. And the reason why is its unique versatility of being both sporty and casual. They sort of have this Clark Kent characteristic to them, going from regular eyeglasses to sports glasses in no time.

The Crosslink has a few attributes that make them true sports glasses. They have unobtanium nose pads and temples for an anti-slip grip, so the harder you work, the more they stick. Perfect for those hot, sweaty workouts. They also feature Oakley's Three Point Fit system for secure optical alignment on your face, keeping them in place while you get after it. On the other side of the token, they have a hip, studious look and feel, so they're great for wearing around the office or in the classroom.

To add even more to its versatility, the temples on these glasses are interchangeable, so you can change the look of your Crosslinks in just a few simple steps. Check out the video below for our full Oakley Crosslink review.

If you still havent found exactly what you are looking for, you can always check out more Oakley Prescription glasses here! We have SportRx certified opticians available 7 days a week to answer any remaining questions you may have!