Round sunglasses made a comeback, and they're here to stay. Perfect for those with defined and angular facial features, nothing softens up a look like a round lens in your favorite iconic sunglass styles. Check out these rounded takes on Maui Jim wayfarers, aviators, and more for a look that keeps the good vibes comin'.

Best Maui Jim Round Sunglasses

A. Use Your FSA and HSA Funds on Prescription Maui Jim Round Sunglasses
B. Are Maui Jim Round Sunglasses Worth It?
C. Best Maui Jim Round Sunglasses of 2022
1. Maui Jim Kiawe
2. Maui Jim Hukilau
3. Maui Jim Koko Head
4. Maui Jim Waterfront
5. Maui Jim Keanae
D. Shop Maui Jim Prescription Round Sunglasses at SportRx

Use Your FSA and HSA Funds on Maui Jim Round Sunglasses

We're over halfway through the year and maybe you're beginning to wonder, "What should I use my FSA or HSA funds on?" No better time to start ordering customized Maui Jim round sunglasses than now. Maui Jims are a great way to treat your family, and yourself, to luxury eyewear. Beat the holiday rush with personalized prescription sunglasses your whole family will enjoy. What's so great about Maui Jim sunglasses? Are Maui Jim round sunglasses worth it? Let's dive into the bread and butter of what makes Maui Jim, Maui Jim.

Are Maui Jim Round Sunglasses Worth It?

For those who have not yet experienced the benefits of Maui Jim sunglasses, we'll be going over the frame and lens advantages to help you decide whether Maui Jim round sunglasses are worth it. And if you're new to SportRx, you can try them risk-free with our See Better Guarantee. But more about that later.

Frame Materials

There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a fun-filled day just to have your sunglasses give you a nose ache because of its heavy frame. I'm happy to tell you, even Maui Jim metal and acetate frames are a pure joy to all-day wearers. Maui Jim sunglasses focus not only on style and design, but balance and comfort. You can expect to see extremely strong carbon fiber, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic monel metal, and ultra-lightweight nylon frames in the upcoming round sunglass selections.

PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology

Up next, PolarizedPlus2 lens technology puts the "Jim" in Maui Jim. Built out of the need to shield against the relentless sun’s rays in Maui, Maui Jim was created by a charter boat captain, Jim. His mission was to create lenses that not only block harmful UV rays, but enhance color unlike any other lens on the market. Maui Jim lenses use three rare earth elements that absorb unwanted wavelengths and allow primary colors to reach your eye without any interference. It's what gives every Maui Jim wearer their, "Wow," moment.

And it doesn't stop there. Maui Jim sunglasses feature 100% polarization to cut glare. They also feature multiple lens treatments and coatings. The front-side lens treatment reduces light transmission. The anti-reflective coating eliminates, "seeing your eyes," on the back of the lens. Clearshell® Scratch Resistance increases durability. And lastly, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings help to resist oil and moisture making the lens easier to clean.

Best Maui Jim Round Sunglasses of 2022

Maui Jim Kiawe

Round Maui Jim Kiawe Sunglasses

Maui Jim Kiawe in Grey Stripe frame with Neutral Grey lenses

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Named after a durable, prized tree on the Haiwaiian islands, the Maui Jim Kiawe is composed of Carbon Fiber. It yields a durable frame and lightweight construction. The style gives an elevated hipster look with its striped, wood-like appearance. Jam out in the Maui Jim Kiawe watching a local indie band perform at your favorite, nearby brewery.

Key Features

  • Strong carbon fiber frame
  • Elevated hipster style
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW 136 (What is SFW?)

Maui Jim Hukilau

Round Maui Jim Hukilau Sunglasses

Maui Jim Hukilau in Gold Metal frame with Dual Mirror lenses

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Liven up your tea-shade look with the Maui Jim Hukilau. The unique, geometric, monel metal frame accentuates the dual mirror lenses and is complemented with spring-hinges for a comfortable fit. Pair them with a flannel and you have a pop of color against the cool plaid tones.

Key Features

  • Corrosion-resistant monel metal frame
  • Retro-vintage tea-shade style
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW 130 (What is SFW?)

Maui Jim Koko Head

Round Maui Jim Koko Head Sunglasses

Maui Jim Koko Head in Matte Tortoise frame with HCL Bronze lenses

Shop Maui Jim Koko Head

If you're looking for sunglasses that can withstand an active lifestyle, the Maui Jim Koko Head is for you. It's a happy blend of the clubmaster and wayfarer style in a nylon frame for a fashionable, lightweight design. The Koko Head features embedded rubber nose pads and rubber tip temples so you can wear this vintage charm while running errands in style.

Key Features

  • Lightweight nylon frame
  • Perfect for active lifestyles
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW 131 (What is SFW?)

Maui Jim Waterfront

Round Maui Jim Waterfront Sunglasses

Maui Jim Waterfront in Dark Gunmetal frame with Dual Mirror lenses

Shop Maui Jim Waterfront

If you're looking for round aviator sunglasses, look no further! The Maui Jim Waterfront gives you a solid, monel metal frame and features a double brow bar for a casually cool look. Pair the Waterfront with a leather jacket or a business suit as your luxury eyewear accessory.

Key Features

  • Corrosion-resistant monel metal frame
  • Cool aviator style
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW 135 (What is SFW?)

Maui Jim Keanae

Round Maui Jim Keanae Sunglasses

Maui Jim Keanae in Olive Tortoise frame with HCL Bronze lenses

Shop Maui Jim Keanae

Classy up your look with the Maui Jim Keanae. This lightweight nylon frame sets itself apart with adjustable nosepads for a customizable fit. It's the perfect pair of sunglasses for both men and women and is ideal for all-day wear. Wear the Keanae while out on the boat or for your stroll around the newest in-vogue shopping center.

Key Features

  • Lightweight nylon frame
  • Adjustable non-slip nose pads
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW TBD (What is SFW?)

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